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  1. Hello all wonderful people! My name is Zen. I am a vegan! (Wait don't go! I am only 80% Vegan and 20% Vegetarian and I use to eat meat). I have a little cottage in a forest, it is a sky dome. I have been on and off second life since 2012. This is my main account now and my second Avi. I am on here looking for friendship and a sl family. Im a little shy when making new friends and I feel like they all want benefits lol I am not interested in any kind of romance. Heres why: I actually met my real life husband on second life in 2012. I believe true and 100% real relationships can form on here. I am 100% loyal to my husband and to have an sl husband/boyfriend/sex I feel like Im cheating on my oh so amazing husband, so thats never going to happen. I am looking for real friends, people I can be myself around and talk about anything. A family or possibly a roommate. In real life I am a wife and mother. I am taking college classes. I am a photographer. I do a ton of side jobs. I love gaming and having fun in nature. So any activities done outside are fun to me lol Camping, hiking, biking, catch, frisbee, volleyball, etc. I like bowling and going to museums. I am a believer in God. My favorite shows are: The Walking Dead Game Of Thrones This Is Us The Handmaids Tale My favorite movies are: Pretty much everything known to man x) This is just a little bit but I am hope its enough to form some friendships on here. IM me and we can get to know each other and talk more
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