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  1. Glad to see so many wanting to build the Mafia Community up, Colombo is building considerably - 100 plus members great work all
  2. Glad to hear, send a request in SL and we get you in
  3. Status Quo??? From someone who describes a intimidation tactic from the Godfather Film? Shhhh, try when hypocrisy is not in your next statement, show respect to what? Automated Sims?
  4. Hello again everyone if we can, Everyone who is into The Mafia Roleplay (Crime Organizations, whether you have a mafia or even a member, Let us all post below, Which Family we have, seen only a couple around, but all they do is sit (Chicago Outfit - sit in the same place in Chicago 1920's everyday i visit, they are never around, just leave avatars standing in the alleyway, Come on everyone let us Rebuild the Second Life Mafia families, roleplay or Business we can do it.
  5. Hello everybody, if you own a mafia, or are a member in a mafia, The Omerta Organization has opened, the group will show all active mafias within second life, also keeping full track of activeness, Group discussions, Events, Roleplay Homesteads, Settle disputes, or just want to Bring a old tradition back, add me or I.M me on DonColombo, i will send you an invite, then you can invite others, Let us bring back the Mafia Community, ps - Colombo family are recruiting with our own Homestead HQ, Club, even hiring out Gang Activity - MC club
  6. Hello all Mafia Role players i am roleplaying as DonColombo, noticed these posts from years ago but i just recently joined, i haven't seen many families around, or places at that, which if has died out, Colombo are open and bringing back, settings businesses to benefit every family not just one, if you want more details send me a im -DonColombo i will be active
  7. Can always help with Avis if some need, had confirmation that when Colombo starts more businesses more families will open for roleplay
  8. Hello everyone i am Roleplaying as Don Colombo and looking for members to join, we have a compound, home, land, we are looking for other families to alliance ect, we have some businesses open main is Benediction, there are only a few of us at the moment but fairly established if you are interested drop me a message
  9. The Colombo Crime Family is one of the "Five Families" that controls organized crime activities in New York City, Brooklyn, Manhatten, Italy, Sicily within the Criminal Organization known as Mafia (or Cosa Nostra). we are new previous mafia roleplay, but working to build the community of crime for our family, looking for Members, then Made Men, if you have experience or want to try something new, drop me a message
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