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  1. RA is looking to do an expedition! Fictional RP Micro nations, Alternate universes, anything sci-fi except Star Wars..No offense but I respect the franchise enough to not mix a Stargate with it.
  2. Hello. Us here at the ROYAL AVIATION EXPEDITIONARY CORPS are looking to give back to the boys in blue. Yes, we have furries in our ranks but, are still looking to help out any police or law enforcement agency that could use the additional support. Anyone need a swat team or additional officers?
  3. Hello, I command the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps. We are a modern PMC and no we are not British. If you looking to get into the modern military community I may have the answer. Currently, since Buckland Military Region and Stillwater have closed there isn't really a sim the units use for combat. While another one is being built the RAEC, SL US Navy, and Projekt Bear are currently looking for new blood as well as training. The gulf is the main hub for sl military operations but it is not the only place. If you would like to talk more about it feel free to message me in world or drop by ROYAL Outpost #201- Coleman Air Base. I can give you information on those who are looking for new members and maybe help find one that fits you best. Cheers
  4. The ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Crops Is looking to expand its ranks through civil support. Are you an experienced police officer or law enforcement and want to be part of something different? Doctor or nurse with a thurst for adventure? Take a look at what we offer and enlist. Military Police-All Positions Needed Medical-All Positions Fire-Everything but Chief Realistically I need someone who is experienced since I only have expertise in running a military unit for combat and standard role-play.
  5. Hello. I run Port Churchill and commander the RAEC. We need another fire department on base as well as someone to run SAR. IM me in world. mrharrisonofreaper
  6. Hello. I am General Temp Harrison. I am the Commander of the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps. We currently are active throughout the grid but are currently looking for a new place to operate. I have several furries in my ranks and have found trouble finding a place we can deploy. We can fight into Urban or Future environments. Any tips help as well as VICE battlegrounds. Thank you .
  7. I get that the amount of rescue calls is at an all time low. However my question is how no SAR or Naval group doing Anti-Piracy or Anti-Smuggling RP. The Coast Guard has other mIssions besides SAR. Who do you think is fighting drug lords of the coast. Just an honest question.
  8. No. It will be structured to how the SL Marine Corps or the SLN 3rd Fleet but fitting for Private Military operations. So VICE/LLCS combat with Rp
  9. Message me in SL. Already have an admiral but can always use sailors.
  10. The ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps has finally expanded to point of being able to give birth to the RAEC Navy. We are looking for people who interested in combat as well and non combat role-play. A list of jobs are inclcuded below this. Also anyone with RL/SL Naval experience would be awesome! We are currently operating as whole in every part of the grid as well as Buckland. Additional Pilots are also need for the Air Det. Taken from the RAEC Job Guide Book 5: Naval. The Naval Detachment is tasked with providing naval and addition medical support to the rest of the RAEC as well naval power in any AOR. Including air support and marine deployment personnel the Naval Detachment commands the SAR and Special Operations Detachment as a single force within the RAEC. Members of this unit report to RA Admirals and the Senior Chief. 5N1 Basic Seaman Basic Seaman are the backbone of RA's sea power. From manning vessels on missions to basic vessel up keep and maintenance. All Seaman are needed for the success of that every vessel. 5N2 Surface Warfare Operator 5S3 Naval Special Warfare Operator (Seal Team) The equivalent of the Ground Det's Survivalist Special Warfare Operators are skilled naval operators who are tasked with carrying out special missions as well as defending the fleet through amphibious and board missions. 5G1X Marine Weapons Specialist(Gunner's Mate) The marine weapons specialist is responsible for the defense of the vessel through deployment of naval weapons. Including manning support and Anti-aircraft cruisers. 5M4 Corpsmen(HM) The Corpsmen is responsible for the well-being of the detachment while at sea on land. They are given directives from the RAEC commander and the highest ranks medical personnel. They may assist in land operators and peacetime SAR efforts. 5S5 Naval Search And Rescue Team The Naval SAR team is responsible to carrying out RA's civilian and military disaster response mission. From rescuing downed allied pilots to helping vessels in need. 5N4 Naval Intelligence Team Naval Intelligence officers train to gather, analyze and maintain all intelligence that is received and sent out. This includes maintaining databases and profiles on enemy naval forces and in some cases having get that information from the source. =====Enlisted Naval Aviation Jobs========= ABE: Aviation Boatswain's Mate Launch/Recovery Sailors in this rating prepare and fuel planes before take-off and after landing on aircraft carriers. They are responsible for maintenance on hydraulic and steam catapults, barricades, and other equipment, and operate firing panels, water brakes, and blast detectors. Most of their work is done aboard an aircraft carrier, in all kinds of weather, in fast-paced and potentially dangerous conditions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AC: Air Traffic Controller The job of a Navy air traffic controller is very similar to its civilian counterpart. They're responsible for directing aircraft operating in different environments, from airfields to the decks of aircraft carriers. They control the movement of aircraft and vehicles on airfield taxiways and issue flight instructions to pilots by radio. Following "A" school, air traffic controllers spend one to two years getting on-the-job training at their first duty station. This includes individual training leading to certification at that airfield facility. Air traffic controllers may be stationed anywhere there is a need, including at traffic control centers, aircraft carriers, or at air traffic control facilities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AD: Aviation Machinist's Mate Aviation machinist's mates are aircraft engine mechanics and keep the gears running. They repair, inspect and overhaul aircraft engines and propellers. They'll also do routine maintenance and help prepare aircraft for flight. They may also volunteer as Naval aircrew, where they earn additional pay for performing in-flight duties and operating aircraft radar and weapons systems. Technicians going to intermediate level maintenance facilities for their first assignment will attend advanced training after "A" School. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AE: Aviation Electrician's Mate These are the Navy's aircraft electricians. They maintain a wide range of electrical and navigational equipment, including power generators, power distribution systems, lighting systems, flight instrument, and fuel systems. They may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AG: Aerographer's Mate (Weather and Oceanography) Aerographer's mates are trained in the science of meteorology and physical oceanography. They learn to use instruments to monitor air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction and are tasked with distributing this information to aircraft, ships, and shore activities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AO: Aviation Ordnance man Aviation ordnance men are weapons specialists charged with storing, servicing, inspecting, and handling weapons and ammunition on Navy aircraft. Their duties include stowing and assembling aviation ammunition including aerial mines, torpedoes, missiles, and rockets. They assemble and test air-launched guided missiles, and supervise stowage of ordnance. These technicians may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AW: Aviation Warfare Systems Operator The AW rating is divided into three categories: acoustic (AWA), non-acoustic (AWN), and helicopter (AWR/AWS). AWA sailors perform general flight crew duties, operate airborne mine countermeasure equipment, act as flight communications operators and flight attendants. AWN sailors perform general flight crew duties and perform specified pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight operations in naval aircraft serving anti-surface, mine countermeasures, electronic, counter-narcotics, and land and sea rescue warfare missions. AWR/AWS sailors operate tactical weapons, sensors, and communications equipment, do in-flight maintenance, work with pilots to operate and control aircraft, perform mine countermeasure detection, rescue downed pilots with emergency first aid, and perform duties of flight attendants and load masters. AWs may work in hangars, shipboard hangar, and flight decks, administrative and operations departments. They often work on flight lines at air stations, usually around a high level of noise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PR: Aircrew Survival Equipment man Aircrew survival equipment men (PR) have a pretty important job aboard Naval aircraft. They're the ones responsible for keeping parachutes, life rafts, personal flight gear, and other aviation survival gear like oxygen converters and regulators in working condition. They may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======OFFICER JOBS====== (A Naval Flight Officer (NFO)) is a commissioned officer in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps who specializes in airborne weapons and sensor systems. NFOs are not pilots (naval aviators) per se, but they may perform many "co-pilot" functions, depending on the type of aircraft. Until 1966, their duties were performed by both commissioned officer and senior enlisted naval aviation observers (NAO). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naval Flight Officer RIO Same as the Flight officer only sits as flight crew monitors second weapons systems and studies diagnostics before during and after flight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naval Aviation detachment XO Helps the CO which in this case is RADM Shadowsong with Certain things, could be anything at anytime, and is also the one to report to if RADM Shadowsong is not online. For inquiries please contact General Temp Harrison (mrharrisonofreaper) ,Vice Admiral Kalani Bishop(xxbishopkingxx) , Admiral Nick MᴄCᴀʜᴏɴ-Fᴇʟɪᴄɪᴀɴᴏ™ (major2013)
  11. Hello Everyone. I have found some really awesome mesh for weapons that I plan on issuing to my guys for combat. However I don't know how to script and really needs this done right. If you are able to script in the VICE combat system I would love to speak with you. I do not intend on selling these only as a standard unit for my vice combat group. Hope to hear from you. General Temp Harrison RAEC Commander
  12. Hello folks. I am setting up the naval det for my unit and need a place to set up a small port to launch ships roughly the size of a cutter and subs. Would also need to land helicopters of any size there. Anyone know someone I can setup? Looking to buy not rent.
  13. Hello Everyone. I run a group called the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary. So I have a .:S&W:. Sentinel FRC and want to arm it with guns and maybe a Mk110 Bofors Cannon. The guns would be M249 or M240 turrets and basically whatever I can get on it. Of Course I would need all of them to be vice capable. I've heard my builders for this job and have been scammed. Can anyone help?
  14. Hello so I have 2 MACs that I run firestorm on and upload textures for my aircraft and vehicles using templates from the makers with my custom work on it. Since Apple released a new update and Adobe retired Photoshop Elements 12 I'm not sure what software I should use not for making and modding textures..thoughts?
  15. I can give you information in world. Also added you and returned your message. You can get a enlistment pack at Hollywood Airport and Jet Nation.
  16. I've been fighting and carrying out missions in multiple places. My men and women are currenty fighting in Vietnam along side the 5th Marines and the 25th Infantry. Our pilots have flew over Bastonge and multiple SLMC battlegrounds. Now the men and woman of ROYAL seek a home. A urban or rural sim. Just a community we can join and grow with. Anyone need a private military or a military presence in town?
  17. I have two parcels I need gone asap. I'll take any price. Coords are below. Any price with in reason. Artsebarsky (16,28) Hawkside (144,160)
  18. I've noticed combat in SL has died...alot. After having some hard talks with some pilots and some close friends I've realized we don't have a place or committee to establish rules and regs. So I extended this invitations to any combat air unit or pilot. The more the better. Once some regulations are laid out I will work on getting us a sim to do this and safe guard the community for issues. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.
  19. This may cause some issues but whatever.I am the leader of a private military organization Called Royal. We recently shut down operations in Santa Ramona Valley dude to disputes with RP and other things. With that being said we are looking for urban or city sims to set up. I am bringing a small force with me. Please know that as a private military we are not connected to any government and have our own command structure and ROEs. This includes our tactics and vehicles.
  20. I"d be down. I'm already cooking up something with your partner in Applewood city
  21. So I run a group called Royal. We are a paramilitary with a large amount of air and ground capabilities. Between our outpost in Santa Romana Valley and our open outpost in Gaeta V we are looking to expand operations and maybe even start doing work for other sims. Any ideas? Any sims need a private military presence?
  22. SL pilot and leader of a private military if you need help with transportation or distribution. I rp at Santa Romana Vally but have a larger outpost building for the bigger stuff.
  23. I guess since I'm on the concept of space. What 'ships' like drivable vehciles are good for a space type of feel. Seriously I know nothing about the RP or anything. I also kind of just want some stuff with a space feel. Bought two stations from Quandry Industries and the universe in a box so I could create a space retreat above my already build outpost. Its at 1000m and I'm really not gonna try to put it that far. I will try to see how far I can go with my jet pack. I don't think I have an aircraft that would make it and not have the scripts fail.
  24. Hmm. Interesting. Kept wondering where there wasn't any actual stuff built for space. I run a private military so I was thinking about possibly building a real space observatory at a high alt.....may have to go back the drawing board. Not even sure if the builders and scripters of SL have even made stuff to make that a reality. We only have one maker of a VICE ICBM silo and it can't travel over continents(there is an exception..the gulf).
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