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  1. Well, I am interested, but right now is out of my budget. So continue enyoing it. I will be checking your updates. Perhaps in close future. Thx.
  2. Hi, I visited the place and I loved it. Could we negotiate a low price? My family is very interested.
  3. Mmm. I have the same "trouble". I have a lt of old stuff In my inventory that I don't use more since I became mesh. I saved some placing the stuff within prims as if closet or bagage to diminish the height of memory of the inventory and as a precaution for lag and if I had to use my standard version. But still is too much and makes a real mess even throwing many things. Yes, I would like also get some money exactly the way it happens in RL in legacy when one do a garage sale. My question is how can I do to make a garage sale to get lindens with stuff that can be useful for others, without goin
  4. Mm, interesting and, what about if I want to change only the inner faces of a cube, for example? How can I do that with the "same" script mentioned?
  5. Very interesting discussion and very illustrative. But.... A question, I guess all this apply only to Mainland, because, in my case, I bought with my alt in Private Estates the amount of 8912 sqm and donated to the group. I abandoned mayority of my lands at Mainland and kept only 1024 to stay within the new limit of bouns and stay at US$ 0 level since I have premium meanwhile my avi is basic (basics can't buy in Mainland, as you know very well), that 1024 are already donated to the group land. The trouble is that the total amount of group land is not shown as you can see in the next pics, neit
  6. The offer shown is not more available. The lands enlisted are no more set for sale.
  7. Hello everyone: I want to put to your consideration the following parcels settled for sale that will be of interest to more than one, located in two regions of Mainland edging: Morgan Pass and Borgenite. 1. Steppenwolf Hill southwest side and top of the hill: 3328 sqm- 1142 prims. PRICE: 5000 $L Morgan Pass [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 1] 2. Steppenwolf hill Southeast slop and top of the hill: 1728 sqm – 593 prims. PRICE: 2600 $L [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 2] 3. Steppenwolf hill southeast down slop of the hill: 1536 sqm – 527 prims. PRICE: 2300 $L [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 3] 4.
  8. Let me introduce my self. I am Killian Macrieve Regards to all and thanks to my adoptive son Beggar.
  9. Fixed! ... The answer: delete from both lists in Manage media and start again. Very easy!
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