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  1. I got a friend into playing a mmo i play. We both play SL, but her husband wont play it (he has before). Instead she managed to get him to drop WoW for FF online lol. I guess you could get him into making animations and sculpties. Possibly scripting then into being a buisness. Transfer his tendnecies to do puzzles into making things in SL he could possibly make money off. I will have to get back as to places to show him, as there are little tid bits all over SL that are interesting if he is into creating content. Lots of rp goes on, Isle of Wyrms is one of my favorite sims (actually it is a bu
  2. Thanks for the links! First one is a bit too technically for me but the 2nd one is starting to open my eyes, and what I see possibly happening is kind of scarey least to say.
  3. I agree with you and I can see and understand both sides, I don't advocate pirating. I just think they need to go after the big fish. Prosecuting the small user's I don't think is going to stop it, someone will always find a new way. The U.S. government really needs to step up on the issue. Maybe there should be a international copy right standard that can be followed and inforced by the world court? Hit the big guys first and foremost, they are the ones hurting the industries the most. Go after the piraters who distribute illegal hard copies. Then start mopping up the little fish. In other wo
  4. I can understand the position you're in when you just can not get content in the country you are in from a different country. Some of that I have found out is due to different copy right laws etc amongst the various countries. If not Corporate finacial reasons ie: don't want competition. Itunes is a good example, can't get content from Japan or most of it (mp3's). One tirck I had read is to buy a iTunes card for the country/region you want mp3's from but you need a registered address that will work with that card. I believe it may include payment info. Kind of a big head ache if you ask me. As
  5. Netflix is indeed convient, but also limited to new choices when new stuff is released on dvd, Pay Per View type channels get first shot apparently. Netflix does come up with stuff I have never heard of, which can make for some interesting viewing I suppose. I do like the fact they have lots of anime. As for other options, illegally dl'ding is one but fraught with possible bad outcomes. Ironic thing about pirating is at times it does boost sales for the various media companies; but you find people here in the U.S. getting sued by the big companies whilst the biggest violators keep doing what t
  6. It has been said, freedom does not come free. On another note, the internet was created by the government for government use originally. But as with all things that the government develops that end up going to the public sector, there is always going to be someone making money off it and those paying for it. Your tax dollars at work! Sucks doesn't it?
  7. You can add me, as most of my friends are women or women avatars. I could possibly show you a place or 2 and even introduce you to some of my friends. I have one who likes finding amusement rides lol. I think she would enjoy having a new friend to go exploring with.
  8. Another way is to go into the map and clear it if you were using that to tp somewhere. Or just walk/fly to the exact position the arrow is at, including height. that usually gets rid of it. Never tried clicking it, hadn't crossed my mind to do that.
  9. I had seen the category where MESH is being discussed but have yet to look and see what it is. Reading this thread piqued my curiousity even more. MESH sounds exciting. I still use the old viewer the majority of the time even though I also have the new version. I just haven't spent time on the newer one to get a handle of how it works. The short time I am on it I just get a bit frustrated trying to figure things out that I'll log off andlog back on using the old viewer. I have not had a problem with the old viewer for quite sometime personally. At most logged out for being idle or region bei
  10. Ok so were you friends before? If so then what has changed except maybe being more intimate? Be yourself talk about stuff that comes to mind. And probably pay more attention to what she says or tells you not to mention try to remember things. Basically no different than rl I suppose. Btw, don't talk about ex's and don't compare your lover to other people in your past. P.S. I guess we should also recommend learning how to chat sexy/sensual to get the hard drive purring, unless your lover likes more "aggressive" talk :matte-motes-evil: Make them feel special... but on another note watch wh
  11. Or you can surf the web etc and check chat log once in awhile!
  12. Now I think about it I picked up a basketball game off the market, it was either cheap or free I forget. But when rezzed to be set up it asked about permissions to take money, which of course I said no.
  13. I tend to leave land lines on so I know exactly where boundaries are. I can see why you got confused, I have seen some sims carved up in odd ways. Not good when a 2048 is carved up into 2 1024's that are on seperate parts of the sim, especially when you need to rez a prim or item that is bigger than 1024.
  14. I remember few years ago people allegedly would stretch tip jars make them invisible and attach them to thier avatars, then take liesurely strolls through shopping places full of other players. Most of the times people wouldnt realize they were paying someone other than the vendor. Not paying attention to that little blue pop up telling them who they paid. I am curious as to what and how your lindens went to your friend tho.
  15. I always thought that if the door and switch were linked that booth would move. Very informative replies. I used to use doors that had an invisible avatar detector to open, configurable too.
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