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  1. 1. This verification process, what exactly is done with the information? Is it provided to the US government for compliance? Even if you are an outside resident? 2. Can I request to look at this data to verify its contents and accuracy? 3. Is my sl profile associated with the verification information or just my payment information? 4. What if I just wanted to verify my identity with the payment information but wanted my sl profile private? 5. Why is this even needed if many of us already have a verified PayPal account? I do many online transactions using PayPal without h
  2. This verification process, what exactly is done with the information?
  3. Fyi, decreasing the number of groups not only harm creators but also harm clubs, DJs, roleplayers, and basically anyone cultivating the very communities that keep people in sl. With the number of social media platforms, chat programs that sl is competing with, that might not be a good idea? You might want to maybe consider getting rid of inactive accounts and groups. Or as others have mentioned create a variety of premium accounts that have specific perks that a landowner or creator or regular user would want. Maybe have people select from a dropdown menu to select options such as a monthly st
  4. Interesting that you claim you are being attacked? It seems to me, Drake1 simply disagreed and gave you his reasons why. Yet funny enough, all the while you're telling others that they are being overly sensitive and claiming they should stop acting like victims you seem to have done that exact thing right here.
  5. I was secretly hoping someone would just get inspired by this topic and start a bromance photo thread as their "I will show you how lonely we are!" Moment But it's been seven pages so far and nothing 😅
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