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    this post has been cancelled
  2. I don't think that's it's I looked everywhere in that store but still can't find it
  3. Can anyone tell me what the name of the top, panties and stockings are in this picture?
  4. Also if anyone know the store of where this omega lingerie set comes from please leave a comment
  5. Can anyone please tell me what the name of the top, panties and stockings are in this picture? I have been trying to look for this omega set on the marketplace and in world but with no luck, if anyone know the name of the omega items in this picture please let me know thanks UPDATE: someone told me the stockings and panties are a set but the top is from somthing else but i still don't know the names of them or the store from where they come from
  6. Lol well do you have a link to moon's marketplace? <3
  7. Looks very lovely it kinda sad it won't work with a big chest or chest mods bit it still looks pretty cool also it dose not cover up too much of the body I might think about getting this but for now I will bookmark the link to the hair for later <3
  8. The picture of the hair seems cut off so I'm not really sure if the hair can reach my avatar ankles or the floor looks nice though <3
  9. Looks pretty cute not what I had in mind but still cute i might use that for new avatar but for now I will bookmark the link for later <3
  10. It's pretty nice but I don't think the hair braid will work with a big chest <3
  11. Lol this hair covers waaaay too much of the body plus I'm not sure if it works with big chests <3
  12. That is pretty cool please send me a link to the hair if you can <3
  13. Do you have a link of where I can find that hair? Also will it work for mesh bodies and big chests? <3
  14. I'm looking for very long mesh hair that reaches the floor or to my ankles I need super long mesh hair for a anime coplay I'm working on, if anyone knows any good hairs that are super long that reach the floor or to the ankles please let me know Thanks Update: also the hair needs to work with a big chest and chest mods as well <3
  15. Also I own a Windows computer and my second life was running just fine the day before yesterday I'm really not sure why my second life is having this problem
  16. Yesterday and today my second life won't let me login fully my avatar would be invisible my gestures would not load my l$ amount would be question marks and my voice won't connect to the saver then it logs me back out and I have to quit I can't clear my cache like this also can someone please help me?
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