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  1. North Providence Role Play Thank-you for your interest in North Providence! North Providence Role Play is home to a realistic community based in New York City. We are currently seeking staff for our businesses in NP, please check out website to apply for our roles found here. NP offers players a chance to create their own business within the city, from journalists to cafes to security to even a club! We have a economy in North Providence that reflects realism. Each hour you will earn a wage that suits your role and if you do not work, you will not earn money unless you sign
  2. HOSTS WANTED @ PURGE HANGOUT Want to be a Host @ The Purge Hangout? Travel to Purge today and grab yourself an application at the main club stage and send it back to cykablyaidinarhui. To teleport to the Purge Club Hanger, please click here. What we except of you as a Purge Host: ✴ Absolutely NO DRAMA. We will not tolerate drama or upset for V.I.P's, guests or other staff. ✴ Greet as many people as possible when they enter the club via your microphone and/or Nearby Chat. ✴ Stay as active as possible in Nearby Chat to engage with your crowd. ✴ ALWAYS thank your ti
  3. DJ's WANTED @ PURGE HANGOUT Want to DJ @ The Purge Hangout? Travel to Purge today and grab yourself an application at the main club stage and send it back to cykablyaidinarhui. To teleport to the Purge Club Hanger, please click here. ✴ Your avatar must be at least 30+ days old! ✴ Your personality within Purge should be fun, friendly and uplifting for a great party atmosphere! ✴ You must own your own Shoutcast or Icecast stream with at least 128kbps capabilities! ✴ You must have a working microphone and be available to use it at every set! ✴ You must be able to do a
  4. PURGE RENTALS We are located at: Click Here to Teleport to Purge Hangout Landing Spot We currently have multiple rentals up and running within the Purge sim. • Sim Houses • Old London Houses Available (6) L$350/per week with a 400 Prim Limit. NOTE: Trees can be removed if you'd like them gone to get more space within your parcel. • Store Rental • Current Stores Available (14) L$200/per week a 100 Prim Limit. • Skyboxes • L$350/per week with 400 Prim Limit • IMPORTANT NOTICE • If you intend to stay in your rental, please make sure you keep the pa
  5. THE CROWN ADULT LOUNGE & BEACH Come and join the relaxing vibe of The Crown in a luxury mansion and beach. Explore the best looking avatars on the grid and have fun! This is a adult hangout out lounge & beach. No dress code, come as you are! Events everyday, contests open monthly! OPEN 24/7 Monday - Sunday Click Here to Join The Crown's Beach | Click Here to Join The Crown's Entrance
  6. Come and join The Crown to round up the summer vibes with beach parties and the perfect elegant hangout spot for all to enjoy! We welcome everybody, casual hang out spot with a touch of royal elegance awaits you. Come join our adult paradise, and explore you're naughtiest kinks and desires. Consists of a large welcoming fountain with ad-boards for all, relaxing hall to come sit by the fire or have a drink at the bar. Have a walk around and visit the beach! Bring your friends and come enjoy the naughty fun! Open to everybody! The event is ALL DAY, so come and play! Cli
  7. Hey! So, I had a long break from SL but I've been on here since 2009. I had a long break but now I'm back! I've recently moved to SL from IMVU (yet again). So I'm looking to meet new friends and hang out buddies and whatever else. I'm from England and I'm 20 years old and I'm looking to meet people a similar age. I spend most of my SL time shopping about, working, interior decorating and taking pictures. I'm just looking for people to chat with who aren't boring and arrogant or perverted.(probably hard to find on here but I might as well give it a try.) and just want genuine friendships and co
  8. - Red Carpet Event - Tonight's the night to get all dress up in your best formal suits and gowns and head to The Monarchy at: 6PM SLT So lets get dressed up to the nines and have yourself walk down the red carpet to see our elegant girls, we will show you true pleasure and beauty! ❤️ Come join the fun tonight. Masks not required, but encouraged. The Monarchy Site | The Monarchy Flickr | Join The MonarchyCan't wait to see you there! xoxo *Please make sure you wear the Monarchy VIP group take when entering*
  9. Wild Wednesdays "Come take a ride on the wild side" Come down to The Monarchy to see our beautiful Sirens and Playmates available to you. We'll be sure to make this a day to remember, just let us please the wild beast inside you which begs to be unleashed! Follow Our Flickr | Our Website | Come Play With Us Our famous events listed below: 12pm - Dripping Wet Wednesday 2pm - Wild West Wednesday *3pm - Happy Hour - Halfed Rates for all to enjoy! 4pm - Sex With Me 6pm - Hot & Bothered 8pm - After Dark: Wet & Wild Wednesday! *Please remeber to wear your VIP Monarchy group badge wh
  10. Looking for friends! (Desperate Times) Hey, so I haven't been on SL for like 5 years now and everywhere I used to go to socialise is dead for some reason.I was just looking to make a few new friends these days, to chill and have a laugh with.A little bit about myself: I'm pretty outgoing and bubbly. I always human. I'm 22 and from the UK. I love mix and matching outfits and I'm pretty much a "girly-girl" I love listening to music and watching movies. I'm just generally a layed back person.What I'm looking for: Somebody who's mature, fun to be around and is just cool. I don't care abo
  11. Hey love! I'm 20 and from England. I'm pretty much a loner right now (boohoo) would love to hang out! ox
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