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  1. So I've heard about this new Tennessee decision and I did a little digging, because I was curious as well, and spoke to our legal team. Here is what I found out: Tennessee’s new law legalized sports gambling online and in mobile apps; it does not extend to the Skill Gaming we have inside Second Life. For this reason, Tennessee will not be removed from the list of Prohibited States and Countries found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Gaming_FAQ#Prohibited_states_and_countries. If you have any other concerns about the Second Life Wagering Po
  2. Oh my did this thread go off topic and get a bit messy. Please consider this thread locked due to trolling/flaming and bringing up a topic that is not appropriate to discus on the Forums. Please remember, if you feel you've encountered something that may be a violation, please file an Abuse Report.
  3. Good morning and happy Friday! Well it was happy until I found this thread... Unfortunately I will have to lock this thread since, as some of you have mentioned, it has gone waayyy off topic. Please keep in mind to remain on topic when posting your opinion (or at least stay within the ball park). Also, if you have an issue with an individual, please message them separately and discuss that issue in private. I hope you all enjoy your upcoming weekend! I'll see you guys around the Forums
  4. Hey everyone, Unfortunately since this topic kinda veered off the tracks in different directions, this thread has been locked. Let's keep things on topic to avoid this issue in the future. Thanks guys!
  5. Hiya everyone! Man I hate to see a good thread go downhill so quickly. Please remember to stay on topic. If you'd like to discuss something with a specific Resident please use your private messages for that. Do not post your issue or your thoughts regarding that individual in the thread. That's not what the Forums are for. I really don't want to have to lock this thread since it is a good discussion. So let's keep it going with a good conversation and educated opinions. -Corky
  6. Please remember that when engaging with each other on the forums to please keep any and all discussions civil and on topic. If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion we encourage you to take it to PMs or drop it entirely.
  7. I hate locking threads, I really do. Unfortunately, while the thread did bring about some interesting and valuable discussion among some residents, regrettably it's also become a bit of a fighting ring for some against others. Along with some discussions going waaaay off topic. Next time, let's keep things cordial and on topic. I will now lock this thread with a final reminder, if you want to communicate your concerns/opinions to an individual, that is what personal messages are for.
  8. Well this thread took a couple turns only to fall off the tracks in the end. I'm happy to see that some of the conversations were educational and helpful. I'm also extremely happy to see how well the not-so-good conversations were handled by some. Unfortunately due to the nature and extreme direction in which this thread has gone, I am going to have to lock it. I know some of you saw this coming and or thought it would have happened earlier. I really don't like to close threads unless I have to. This is one of those times. As Tommy Linden said "You don't have to like someone, but the exp
  9. Hello Chaser Zaks! If you find any Skill Games outside of a Skill Gaming Region, please file an Abuse Report so that we can take a look. Even if you aren't sure about the games being Skill Games, we encourage you to file an Abuse Report. You do not need to worry about bugging us. -Corky Linden
  10. Hello Thornycroft! The only way to get banned from Linden Lab/Second Life is if you violate the Terms of Service. If your "being rude" doesn't violate any part of the Terms of Service, then you will have no issue. If you have any questions about the Terms of Service, here is the link for you to review it: https://www.lindenlab.com/tos -Corky Linden
  11. Log into the Forums with your Second Life account. Click on “Account Setting” Click “Signature” Add your wordage to the text box OR to add an image, click on “insert other media”. (If you would like to view other Resident’s signatures, please click on the "View Signature" slide.) 5. Add the direct link / URL to the URL box and click "Insert into post" (If your signature does not have a direct link / URL, you may add it to a free image hosting site to get one) 6. Once you have finished creating/downl
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