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  1. For some reason I couldn't sleep at all last night. (Does anyone else have this issue as we get closer to Winter?) Started playing around with some pictures I had taken earlier in the day yesterday while playing around with Black Dragon settings and really liked the final result on this one. I wish I had removed the text before I had hit save. My favorite pictures (personal preference...) of my av are always the ones on a simple white backdrop with a drop shadow of some kind. Years ago I would spend hours looking for fun fonts/texts to use to try to give the pictures an 'editorial' vi
  2. Pit stop @ the Burrow before checking out some of the Black Friday deals on the grid. 😇
  3. I love this jacket/sweater combo... ❤️
  4. Felt cute. ♥ A little witchy and a little rock n roll.
  5. Revisiting some of my old favorite shooting locations. ❤️
  6. Revisiting some of last Fall's favs with a few updates... ♥
  7. #selfieszn Wanted to update my profile picture but wound up liking the shot. ❤️
  8. I rarely have the opportunity to take pictures with someone else, but I haven't really taken this hair off and I love this 💕...
  9. Felt cute today. ❤️ Really love this headband...
  10. Thank you! 💕 They are totally a commitment! I've had a few in my life that I loved for the first 2 months or so... The transitional periods are always the worst. 😤
  11. I go back and forth between absolutely loving this hair and saying "On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of..." to myself... 😅 (It is a beautiful hair. ❤️)
  12. These events are dangerous for me... (C88 this week..) ❤️
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