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  1. See, this is where I have to disagree: It’s really the job of a “blogger” to exercise influence and create quality content. I want to see something that inspires an emotional response. What you’re seemingly referencing is someone who catalogs. In my mind it is the job of the “designer” to provide un-altered / un-obstructed imagery for their products, not necessarily the “influencer”. If I am looking at the work of a blogger, I want to be influenced. I want to be inspired. I want to see something or read something that inspires me to investigate what they are doing / discussing / sharing / wearing a little further. Having “authentic”’ influence is really the highest form of currency for someone who wants to be a blogger. Those who can foster quality engagement can command quite a bit of power when they throw their support behind a brand. That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t good/quality “OOTD” bloggers, who jump into a white backdrop studio and snap a quick shot to share; I just think that there’s a step beyond that which requires a little more that so many fail to take in SL.
  2. I think there's an element to that around how other designers market themselves these days. I'm not as inclined as I once was to spend countless hours wandering aimlessly through stores because it doesn't seem as though there's as much of an emphasis on a fun 'store' experience as there once was. (Think: Armidi, Naughty Designs, Tableau (which still exists..)) I think a lot of this is driven though by the lack of a social community for it. Again, as someone who first came to the grid over 13 years ago: A lot has changed. It seems to be like most 'discovery' is done via collaborative shopping events. (i.e.: C88, FaMeshed, equal10, Anthem, etc. etc. etc...) Rarely have I discovered a quality designer from something other than a shopping event since I've returned. I feel as though I don't really even see a ton of quality blogger content anymore to influence my decisions...(although there seems to be no shortage of 'bloggers').
  3. I recently returned to Second Life after a pretty long hiatus. (Around 4-5 years, maybe?) I have to say that the one thing that really shocked me upon my return was the sheer amount of content that was geared towards women with a 'sexier' edge. (For lack of a better/more appropriate term..) The "merchant" in me recognizes the reason for this; but I remember a time when Second Life had a robust fashion community and it took me a while after I returned to accept that it's just not the same as it once was. Some of the content creators who I used to know and appreciate for their 'cute' styling have seemingly shifted into things more revealing. It's definitely changed the way I view and 'consume' the things that people put out there in Second Life and I've often wondered if part of this shift was the implementation of mesh. There are definitely ways to service more conservative fashion with Mesh, but it often requires 'full' outfits of some kind as it's often difficult to find mesh pieces from mixed designers that 'play' nicely together without them being created for the sole intent of 'fitting' together. (I've sometimes joked that I want to make a new SL Blog called "The Crop-Top Diaries" or something... 😂) Gone are the days of DAZZLE / LAST CALL 💔 - though even then you'd find a few risque pieces in his mix - but there are still plenty of content creators out there making quality clothes that don't require all your bits to hang out. (At least not all at the same time... )
  4. My Saturday Sale bounty. ❤️ Love this denim jacket combo from Tres Blah. Normally I'd say a red lip on a Sunday is a bit aggressive... but I was really feeling like red today, I guess?
  5. The boots that REIGN just released at the equal10 event hit just over the knee and have both a pointed toe and a stiletto. I haven’t had a chance to demo them yet, but I think they look cute!
  6. Occasionally I have the luxury of working from home on Fridays. I'll typically find a place to sit on the grid with some music streaming (today, it's Muddy's) while I work off to the side. If it's particularly quiet for me I like to take snaps and play around with them in Photoshop. ❤️ Feeling very "work from home" apropos today:
  7. I love this challenge. 😍 Sharing the same notes as I shared on my Flickr below. ♥ "On the left is a picture from the second set of photos I ever uploaded to Flickr back in 2007. I was just launching my second Second Life Blog and couldnt get enough of Elika's AVEDA collaboration and pretty much anything Ginny Talamasca released from Last Call was a must-have. (or was it still DAZZLE at that point?). I also don't think I took that Celestial Studios skin off for a very.... very long time.... I still think back on those earlier days in Second Life for me fondly. I have met some really amazing people in my time here and I continue to be inspired by the creativity of the people in this community... ♥"
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