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  1. It's been a while for me... ❤️ Hope everyone is enjoying a safe/healthy summer!
  2. Thanks, I think? 🙂 I'm inclined to advise you on the later... 😉 Thank you Kira! That is incredibly sweet to say... 💕
  3. Another day in the "sun" 🥰 (while I am working off to the side on another PC.....😐)
  4. Thank you Sara! ♥ The pants are Jeune by Rowne. :) I think they are from a recent event so I am not sure if they would be up on marketplace yet or not... a bit embarassed to say I can't recall which event I grabbed them at either. 😳
  5. I guess this would be my version of a "quick snap", but I love this top from *COCO so much; had to document. 🥰
  6. Quick stroll around Paris.... 😉
  7. I feel like you could easily achieve the nose you want with some tweaking, no? Happy to help, if you'd like... Just ping me in world ♥
  8. One last one for the weekend... ❤️ It was such a beautiful day here in NY; just a little tease for summer... (When it's 90 and humid I'll feel differently I'm sure...) Love this set from LaGyo that was released for FaMeshed this weekend, felt like I wanted to document it.
  9. So many great event purchases this week... 🤫🥰
  10. I haven't had much of a chance to check in here in a while, but I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there... ❤️ Been trying to get into the Spring/Summer spirit a little more lately...
  11. Social distancing... 💔 Stay safe and healthy, everyone.
  12. It's from DOUX. 🙂 I beleive it's currently only available at Equal10 right now.
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