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  1. Social distancing... 💔 Stay safe and healthy, everyone.
  2. It's from DOUX. 🙂 I beleive it's currently only available at Equal10 right now.
  3. Loving this pale blue & camel pallet for Spring. ❤️
  4. Just playing around with my C88 haul from earlier today... So many great items this month! ♥
  5. I know I've seen a few Anorak coats around the grid, assuming you are looking for something for women. Nothing exactly the same as what you pictured above though, I'm afraid... Not quite the same but there are a few from popular asian designers.. (I'm posting a few examples below, but if you go to their stores some of them have some other options as well that are similar, MiWAS for example has a few hooded oversized jackets and sweaters....) MiWAS - Never Jacket: villena - Off The Shoulder Bomber Addams - Frostine Winter Coat (to the left of the display for this jacket she has a sweater with a hood that pulls over the head that you may be able to layer under the jacket to achieve a similar look if the hood is what you're mostly looking for?) FAKE ICON - Dizen Coat AMITOMO - Moon Light (So many coats here that are cute, but be warned they are all mostly gachas...)
  6. I am so in love with this new LaGyo set for C88...
  7. Ending my evening with a quick stop by Burrow Coffee Co. after a fun night of live music. ❤️🎵
  8. Not so sure that this would be run-down enough for what you're looking for -- but I've been finding this Two Worlds: BKLYN build to be amazing and I love taking pictures here...
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