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  1. I saw the caption for the featured picture today and this felt so appropriate.. 🤣 ("On Wednesdays we wear pink..." /meangirls ) Not the most engaging pose/angle but I was happy with how the image came out overall... 💕
  2. More conference calls today... 🤷‍♀️ /bored
  3. Bored and killing time while on conference calls... 🤭
  4. Happy Easter to those who celebrate. ❤️ ... This picture has been sitting in my drafts since the other day but I felt like it was "Easter" apropos... I had an irrational level of nostalgia and excitement over these heels from REIGN, which I am sure unironically are named after the original that they are inspired by that I think I owned in like 10 colors at one point in my life. 🤩
  5. Casual Friday... 🤷‍♀️
  6. Been feeling a bit uninspired lately; but I thought my outfit was cute yesterday. ❤️
  7. Thanks for the tour! Didn’t see that you had posted these. 😄
  8. Had a bit of a rebirth this week... 🥰
  9. I've been looking for boots like these in SL for so longgggggggg.... 😍
  10. My Fat Tuesday outfit.... 😄 (sorry, I hate the traditional green and purples...)
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