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  1. Need help setting up a photography scene? Feel like there's something missing from your garden or home? IM me and let me help you fill in that space (or build that scene from the bottom up!) Decorating, scene design and sim decorating have been my favourite pastimes on SL and I would like to offer my free time to help those that would like it. By donation only. Send an NC to Nadyanilo Resident In-World, or reply here! Flickr
  2. Oh man, coming back to this cringey first post when I was scared of forums. What an asshat, I am so sorry, y'all, lol. Thanks so much for the information, everyone! it's neat to be updated on stuff like this!
  3. Here's another option for Chrome users: Dark Reader 5/5 Ratings so far
  4. On and off in SL for about 6 years, but I always come back for the detailed environment designs. You just can't find another place with so much stuff to put together and edit and then photograph! It's too perfect for my emptyish RL pockets XD
  5. Your relationship isn't uncommon at all. If you two are comfortable with where you're at then just sit back and enjoy the relationship, brother. (Discord is the number one place to go to for decent voice anyhow, lol)
  6. Hella, I love that this comes with a warning. Girl, I can get a lil nutty too-- anxiety and depression can be a little hard to handle for my friends, but the real ones are the ones that know you're goin through shiz and stick by you with support. I've been on and off again on SL, and I was looking for a shopping/photography buddy. I'm down if you're down!
  7. Oooh, I played in something like this a little over two years ago! It was a super fun concept. I hope to come across yours someday,if you go for it! Right now I'm putting together a mid-planar 'lobby' for RP. Think Poe in 'Altered Carbon'. Plus, hotels are super fun to decorate! Gah! GL!
  8. I just came in offering a suggestion and was told it was wrong. I mean, all I wanted to do was be helpful and submit a suggestion, but I was smacked down from the start. That's all I'm saying. I didn't want to be 'spoon fed' information, I researched the net and looked for emails or contact information to directly mail to a suggestion box. I'm sorry I didn't see or find a suggestion box and that I came to this thread and made the mistake of placing my suggestion here. All I wanted to do was open up a suggestion thread. Either way, I guess I'm off for now. Sorry for, ah, interrupting your daily schedule.
  9. Thank you! I've searched the forums for 'website' and 'marketplace' and 'suggestions' but never came up with anything pertinent to what I was talking about. I didn't even know there was a blog. I have no idea what a jira file is or didn't have anyone to tell me where to put suggestions before or any of that. Just a poor SL player who's never bothered going to Forums until she thought of an idea and decided to try and share. I see they're working on changes, but not the changes I suggested. Where would I go to suggest these.. suggestions then? How do I make a Jira file? Where would I have gone to find all this information in the first place? Because that reply was pretty unhelpful and I read it as "Your post doesn't matter, just another one in a long line of MP suggestion posts, You suggested it wrong in the first place, here's a file name most people have never heard about, and also, they're changing anyway." But none of that has anything positive to do with anything I asked, just a big "you're wrong in all ways" post that never makes me want to come back to the SL forums if this is how offhanded people are treated. Pretty much.
  10. I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but if it has, it just concretes the fact that we need our marketplace to be tailored to our shopping trends, please! As I'm scrolling through Marketplace, I love to see new items, but what I really miss and want is a suggestion roll-- something that knows what type of fashion I'm into at the moment or what type of products I like to purchase the latest versions of. Is there a way that this sort of application can be implemented into the marketplace? Something that looks at the tags of your recent purchases, or sellers you buy from constantly! The Marketplace, imo, is due for a facelift in the meantime anyway.
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