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  1. Them: Norie! What are you having? Me: A baby!!
  2. Dancing in the fresh air with my favourite dance partner.
  3. Spent the day decorating the nursery for the little nugget. Despite the smile, my back is killing me.
  4. I try to be, but sometimes I get over emotional and lash out. The guilt afterwards is killer.
  5. Heyas! I am Eleanor aka Norie. I am back in SL after being away for a while, and in the two months that I've been back I have spent most of that time alone or with my husband. If anyone wants their own pocket nerdlette you should hit me up. I can talk to ages about nerdy topics such as: Dungeons and Dragons (I am in three different campaigns and addicted) Critical Role So many shows Marvel comics and movies (Wanda & Vision are my comic book OTP) Fanfiction Books! Baking/Cooking (Is this nerdy, idk) Steven Universe! (Amethyst is me) Ukulele Bob's Burgers Doctor Who AND SO MUCH MORE! ***Ooof, pocket because by SL standards I am smol but it's okay!
  6. The lighting in our bathroom is the best.
  7. Took a trip to Finian's Dream, decided to tap into my fae roots.
  8. I've been interested in BeYou but haven't dived in yet, but it would be nice to connect with someone that is also introverted.
  9. I have very high standards but am also comfortable alone so I am fine with having those standards. Some things I am very rigid with, I identify on the asexual spectrum so I need anyone even considering me as a partner to know that, understand that, and accept it. I find that a lot of relationships in SL are sex driven, not all of them, but a lot of them are, so for me to have the avi that I do and show the skin that I do, people think that I must not be on that Ace spectrum and instead are playing hard to get. The thing is, my sexuality and lack of interest in pixel sex, is not a moral thing, if people want to enjoy their sexuality in any manner of ways I am fully supportive, if I want to walk about showing more than 75% of my skin, I will, because I like what I like, that doesn't mean I want some rando kissing on me in a club when I am just trying to enjoy music and am kind enough to carry on a conversation. So I find it difficult to find a partner in SL that understands and accepts me for who I am, but that is okay because there is always shopping and the narcissistic self portraits of myself to occupy my time.
  10. So today I was minding my own business and got a message from someone accusing me of being an alt and they were insulting and rude, mildly racist, and just it set me off. So once I got tired of trying to convince them I wasn't who that thought and was in fact not white, despite the horrible editing I did on one of my pictures, I decided to showcase the fact that lighting and editing can change a lot even when you are using the same skin.
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