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  1. I've been interested in BeYou but haven't dived in yet, but it would be nice to connect with someone that is also introverted.
  2. I have very high standards but am also comfortable alone so I am fine with having those standards. Some things I am very rigid with, I identify on the asexual spectrum so I need anyone even considering me as a partner to know that, understand that, and accept it. I find that a lot of relationships in SL are sex driven, not all of them, but a lot of them are, so for me to have the avi that I do and show the skin that I do, people think that I must not be on that Ace spectrum and instead are playing hard to get. The thing is, my sexuality and lack of interest in pixel sex, is not a moral thing, if people want to enjoy their sexuality in any manner of ways I am fully supportive, if I want to walk about showing more than 75% of my skin, I will, because I like what I like, that doesn't mean I want some rando kissing on me in a club when I am just trying to enjoy music and am kind enough to carry on a conversation. So I find it difficult to find a partner in SL that understands and accepts me for who I am, but that is okay because there is always shopping and the narcissistic self portraits of myself to occupy my time.
  3. So today I was minding my own business and got a message from someone accusing me of being an alt and they were insulting and rude, mildly racist, and just it set me off. So once I got tired of trying to convince them I wasn't who that thought and was in fact not white, despite the horrible editing I did on one of my pictures, I decided to showcase the fact that lighting and editing can change a lot even when you are using the same skin.
  4. After a weekend of attempting to be social but still basically being alone, I've not gone anywhere today, just sorted my inventory a bit (still miles to go) and now I'm soaking in the tub and watching people possibly fall in love on First Dates.
  5. I did two days of the music festival in the SL15B event, and then I took in a pride bash. So have some looks.
  6. I mean, my Spanish is limited, but I meet most of the other qualities, or so I think. And I’ve been all about the friend making. Suppose I should tell you about myself, I am Eleanor aka Norie, 30, shy at first but goofy and weird once people get to know me. I shop a lot and love to take pictures. I’ve a sister, brother, and a boyfriend, my own house and lots of animals. Here’s a picture of my face.
  7. The boyfriend is gaming all weekend so I moved while he wasn't looking and then promptly filled the yard with animals. Surprise luv! Hope you enjoy farm life.
  8. Thanks! I think I can be at times. Though I've heard that my sense of humour takes some getting used to.
  9. I am pretty awesome. I am also awesomely pretty. So yeah.
  10. I've been slowly putting my house, that is too big for just one person, a dog, and a cat, together, and I must say I really love my bedroom so far.
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