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  1. Cedar Creek is a community roleplay sim so Slice of Life best fits the genre. No real storyline, I mean, my character is the daughter of musicians that is a former ballerina and looking to start a studio of her own. Mostly just looking for friends to do things like hang out, go on adventures, and have parties, that sort of thing.
  2. HiHi! I am Eleanor or Norie, some of you have seen me about the forums. I recently moved into Cedar Creek with a flatmate and we need people that enjoy roleplaying and want to roleplay and hang out with us. I can't really give much information on the other half of this but I can talk for ages about myself! Random Stuff About Norie! I love Dungeons and Dragons, I could talk about it all the time if it wasn't too much for the people around me Marvel is the best, I love it a lot Memes!!!!!!!! I run on coffee and sarcasm, it makes for an interesting time My RP ch
  3. Well this seems fun! Here's me with the full rainbow face: And here is fresh faced. As you can see the freckles are part of the skin and not added to it.
  4. I would totally want to be your friend! Weird works on me.
  5. I wear a lighting rig for pictures but this hasn't been touched other than that.
  6. Lowkey obsessed with this picture.
  7. Them: Norie! What are you having? Me: A baby!!
  8. Dancing in the fresh air with my favourite dance partner.
  9. Spent the day decorating the nursery for the little nugget. Despite the smile, my back is killing me.
  10. I try to be, but sometimes I get over emotional and lash out. The guilt afterwards is killer.
  11. Heyas! I am Eleanor aka Norie. I am back in SL after being away for a while, and in the two months that I've been back I have spent most of that time alone or with my husband. If anyone wants their own pocket nerdlette you should hit me up. I can talk to ages about nerdy topics such as: Dungeons and Dragons (I am in three different campaigns and addicted) Critical Role So many shows Marvel comics and movies (Wanda & Vision are my comic book OTP) Fanfiction Books! Baking/Cooking (Is this nerdy, idk) Steven Universe! (Amethyst is me) Uku
  12. Took a trip to Finian's Dream, decided to tap into my fae roots.
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