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  1. Hi, I'm teen rl and sl and always happy to chat so do say hi. Izzy
  2. I'm two weeks in, so practically an expert Definitely up for exploring and sharing hints tips and landmarks
  3. Hi Jayden, I joined 2 wks ago and am around ur age. Mostly just exploring Sl looking for dance places and doing some sailing. Say hi if u wanna do any of that! Izzy
  4. Welcome to Sl. I'm two weeks in and keep the faith as it definitely gets easier after a painful start! Happy to share any tips I've learned or explore new places
  5. I'm 2 weeks old so obviously very experienced... Look me up and we can make mistakes together!
  6. I'm new so would be great to get some tips from someone who has been around, as well as explore together. Yesterday I discovered sailing which would definitely be more fun in a group!
  7. Yes I get that sometimes. Usually logging out and back in again fixes it, but sometimes I need to do that and change sim
  8. Great I'll look for you in world.. I found a surfing place yesterday which is fun
  9. Hi all Joined this week and having fund struggling with alphas, mesh, attach, wear etc! Now im ready to get out in the world and see what SL has to offer, so if you are looking for an exploration buddy then pleas give me a call! xx
  10. I joined last weekend and feeling much the same - dont know where to go or have people to explore with, so do IM me if you fancy teaming up
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