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  1. Selling 8,192 sqm 2812 prims x2 Parcels http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quenzle/48/37/68 9000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quenzle/96/37/68 9000L$
  2. Yardsale today Rares and Ultrarares. Items are as Is and rezzed. We will be here all day. Live music all day Stop in make a request and grab a drink and hangout at the pool. We also have a a few WK breedables out for sale http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Guidance/97/222/47
  3. I am a new player and i been watching videos and reading tutorials on Blender it's a free program and you can find many tutorials online for free here is a link to a free tutorial on hair similar to what yourlooking for https://cgcookie.com/tutorial/modeling-stylized-hair/
  4. We are New Club OPEN Thursday-Sunday 24/7, DJ's/Hosts get 100% tips If interested please stop in and check us out. We have open Audtions for dj's/hosts n live performers every wednesday from 10am-10pm.Applications are located outside the club in the landing point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20dela%20Vida/63/100/24
  5. We are seeking Dj's,Hosts,Live performers For Thursdays-Sundays. No Screamo,Blues,or Jazz. Sound Drop Hiring We are a 24/7 Thursday - Sunday Music Club (DJ's/Live Performers,Themed Contests,Concerts,Trivia,Sploder) Wednesday's are open DJ and Host Audtion's Starting @10 am slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20dela%20Vida/47/87/22
  6. Thank you so much you explained that well i needed a lil help working on it now will post my findings soon
  7. Hello i thought id try and make a club shirt so i bought a couple full perm mesh models with the UV templates and everything I have the shirt textured the way i want it but i want to add my club name to the shirt. I have the name on a transparent texture. I want the name\either on the front or back of the shirt. this is where im stuck i dont know how to add the name to the shirt texture and center it properly. I'm pretty sure im overlooking somethnig or more less do not know what the heck im doing. Ive watched several tutorials and they all seem easy enough but im not getting it. Any help woul
  8. Hiring Dj's and Hosts 2-10PM perm slots Thurs. - Sun. Stop by and check us out. LM to the App Board and club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20dela%20Vida/22/91/22 contact boo ladedada ness henessyblake
  9. Sound Drop grand Opening August 5th we are Hiring Dj's and Hosts.Applications and Club expectations are located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20dela%20Vida/20/91/22
  10. I love the idea. I'm new to SL and ive been disabled for about 4 years now and im always trying something out to make some cash online mostly been doing surveys and tasks and then getting gift cards. not really work but best i can do for now from home would love to hear what other people do
  11. I don't have a set time as im disabled in RL so i pretty much spend all my tiime on the internet if im afk ingame means im usually searching or watching tutorials on my other monitor. I do surveys n tasks for gift cards i'm gonna update my OP with relevent info.
  12. Thanks i use Gimp and have dabbled with it for few years now
  13. I have nothing against what you want to play but i have my own opinions on thingst i dont want to fuel a war or anythniig. And just not my thing
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