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  1. Hi....i got 1 question...this pas weeks my avatar and my surrounding only rezzed correctly if i am on a VPN connection if i wasn't turned on the VPN things only rezed patially ( like not everthing around me rezzed and my avi will stay a cloud forever ( i tried to wait 2 hrs once). this wasn't the problem before since i never had a problem like this and never had to turned on VPN for SL connection...anyone know? Thank you
  2. @Rolig Loon yesssss thank you very much for the tips .....and for typos i am a bigger klutz lol
  3. Hi there.. again.. so i am stuck again ;D... i want to ask you all if it is possible to pause a script that is placed in child prim from a script in the root prim. so the situation is i am working on a smoking script. using a modifiable cigarette from MP. i added a script in the root prim for animation and alpha setting ( the cig is a static cig that jjust stay on your lips and blow smokes like a train lol) so what i want to do is to pause the smoke emitting for the duration when the cig on the lips is in alpha ( the smoke emitter script is in the flame prim child #3) is it possible to do that from the script i am working on in the root prim? Thank you soo much for any of your help
  4. Hi....apparently i am still stuck ;D ..so i revised the script and the part look like this there's must be a mistake i made but can't figure out what it is yet ;D if (chan == ChatChan) { if (llToLower(msg) == llToLower(DrawCmd)) { if (IsLeg) { if (llGetLinkNumber() == LINK_ROOT) llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 1.0, ALL_SIDES); else llSetAlpha(1.0, ALL_SIDES); } else { if (llGetLinkNumber() == LINK_ROOT) llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_ALL_OTHERS, 0.0, ALL_SIDES); // this was originally LINK_SET, 0.0, ALL_SIDES else llSetAlpha(0.0, ALL_SIDES); }
  5. okay..so the script is in the root prim instead of the former root prim in the gun since that prim already become first child prim. thank you i'll try this command for the setlinkalpha... i use the sling draw script i am working on right now on my sorority paddle linked with a bunch of spikes around it then linked it to a scooter (the scooter act like a holster) when i type the chat trigger the paddle got alpha but all the spikes stay there lol.... ;D thanks so much for your help.
  6. Hi again, I am stumble on another problem...again...;D ...so i am trying to do a draw/holster script...but now i am stuck on the holstered gun. so far i have no problem with the script when the gun is not linked to the holster. but when i linked the gun to the holster that gun just wont leave the holster ( the gun is a multi prims and the holster is a single prim object. i know i have to make some changes for the setlinkalpha parts but honestly i don't know what command needed for this and tried to browsed the wiki but couldn't find any that can explain about this. maybe i can get some tips from you all ...;D Thank you sooo much
  7. well...i am new in all this just start to learn by gutting and modifying existing script for just not even a month..and i have almost zero knowledge in scripting at any language except writing some simple basic HTML script at school computer class years ago..i truly think everyone here are correct, sometimes a simple thing can do just the way we want to and sometime they don't and have to use something more elaborates to go around it. so i think it is depending on the circumstances. just can't think a simple solution will solve everything but can't also think an elaborate ones needed to solve everything..well..it just my thought ;D specially for someone who is totally blind in any of this like me starting with something simple is the best way for me to understand things, and gradually develop into thing that are more complicated when i facing problems that can't be solved with simple commands . and tbh the learning script i am working right now consist little bit of everything i got from all of you in here that already help me tremendously. i truly thank you all very very much.. and please expect alot more questions from me cos sure i'll have a bunch of them along the way ;D @
  8. Thank you for all your help!!!! problem solved with the llSensorRepeat command ;D
  9. okay...solved with a llSensorRemove ;D but now another problem...after the last anim pose stopped by the sensorRemove the av went back to the first anim and freeze there lol....eventho i already put a stopanimation for that anim. ;D
  10. hmmmmmm...okay....i tried the llSensorRepeat like @Rolig Loon suggest, and it worked.. but somehow the 2nd animation just wont stop even i already put a llStopAnimation for it.what do i do wrong ;(
  11. i used llSleep in this script after a suggestion in my previous question. using like 4 llSleep command in 2 different command set ;D so far it worked just fine for me everythn=ing working in order the way i want to ( since i use them to delay sound, and objects alpha to fire to match the movement of the animation) For the current problem the only thing i know that can do what i want to do is a timer() but as you all said there'sonly 1 timer possible in 1 script. @Rolig Loon said about the no sensor thing with llSensorRepeat , i'm going to try that. and also going to try what @Innula Zenovka suggest since it looked like it can solve the problem i have right now eventho the whole script looks a little too advance for my current scripting skill ;D. also trying what @Berksey suggest about the llsleep betwen 2 animation.so the command like hibernate the 2nd animation when the first 1 fires. hopefully i can get it right...;D will let you all know how it goes since i will have alot more question about this ;D
  12. Hi again, I have another question since i think it never been mentioned in the wiki about this in the timer()section. Is it possible to have 2 timer() in 1 script? i want to put timer for 2 different animation. i am gutting a draw/sling script i found in the wiki adding stuff and modifying some stuff in it. i put 1 animation in the draw command with a llSetTimerEvent timer() to sequence with another anim pose. and then i add another animation into the sling command and trying to add timer to sequence it with another pose but i am stuck so far cos the second timer just won't firing. so i am wondering if it is even possible to add second timer in 1 script.if not then is there a way for me to do what i meant to do. Thank you all ;D
  13. Thank you for all your help.. now everything working exactly the way i want to..thank you
  14. Yes you're right, the sound in my script is together with an animation and draw/sling script. the draw/sling is fine but sound and animation got delayed. have to try with timer.
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