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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a scripter who can write a small script for me, SO let get right to it: Btw, this of for a hud. The basic idea of the script is, that I need a script that is able to push a button(s) and when you push a button a window will come up and if you push another button an other window will come up. So let me show you an example: for this example we will have 2 buttons and 2 windows(objects/page): for the buttons, one were going to call "Button 1" and the other were going to call "Button 2" for the windows: we will have "window 1" & we will have
  2. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who could make me a small script, I will describe what I want to do with it, and then we can discus the price range. alright, so the thing that I want, it not that much, so prob it's not going to be a big script, but I'm also not sure if this is possible, anyways here we go: I want a script that if you click on a object an auto message will be send to a specific person in her/him IM box, The message that should be writing down is not important I can do that my self, and if possible I would also like to be able to change the key in the script so
  3. I see, well the reason I want that, is because I'm making a staff hud for a Adult club, and when the staff open the hud there will be a tab Called "Contact managers" so when the staff click on that tab they can contact any manager as soon as possible. well that's what I'm aiming for. that's why I wanted to know if there was a way to do that.
  4. HI mate, thanks for helping out, and that goes for everyone but have a small question, about the IM one, What is the best way to write the code? sure with a string and trigger on touch as far as I know, but not sure how, If they link a button and that button if you clicked on it, it will open or you can send a message to the person's IM (box) ?
  5. alright, so if I want to start creating a HUD in mesh, should I use a program like blender for it? or do you guys have other software recommendations ?
  6. Is the script that bad? haha, I mean for me now it's working fine, just need to rotate it I don't need much, it only needs to show what it need to show,, and that works fine. Btw Is there a way with scripting, if you click a "button" it will open the IM box of that person you want to contact?
  7. HI there I've take a look at the topic, Make sense to rotate them, But I'm not so good with LSL scripting tho, This thing is the only way that's stand in my way haha, I'm not sure where I need to put the line for it to get it to work, let me show you the script I use: there are 2 scripts, One is the "Receiver script" and the other one is the"HIde&show " script: Receiver script: // Hide Me Show Me - Transmitter Script // A full-permission Script by Der45Grayson // Please change the following two variables in this script // and in the "Hide Me Show Me Receiver" script
  8. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a hud, and it goes well, but ran into a problem, I created a button and have the script to show?hide the hud, only problem is that when the hud is hided, the other buttons are still clickable,, SO I tried to change the script so when I hide it the it will also move the rest of the hud (that will be hiding) off screen, so it's not in the way anymore, and when you click the button agian to show it up again, it will go to the right position again. but it's not working for me, any idea's? would be great if you guys/gals can help me out. Thank you
  9. HI there. OK first things first to explain it what I want or if it's posible. I'm making a invitation for an event, When I'm done with that, I want to make the texture an object, and when the object is sended to the people, and the click on wear, the texture will pop up on the screen, like maybe fade in or something like that. so my question is, is that posible and also how much wil it cost for someone to make a script for me that will trigger the texture pop up on screen etc ? Best regards SgtMarkoes
  10. Hello everyone. I got a couple of questions. First off, I'm new tl Sl, I've been playing it now for a week or so, And really enjoy it. But I decided that I want to earn some money (L$) I'm pretty good with photoshop. And I've already made some profile pictures for friends, and they really liked it. and this is also the subject what I want to disscus or want to know. so here are the questions: 1. Can you sell premade profile pictures on the sl marketstore? 2. If so, can you also setup profile pictures examples, that people can use for a custom made one ( so they well see a profile pictur
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