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  1. Hello Marc, Welcome back to SL. It looks like we are in the same boat. I also started SL about 2 years ago. But I really begin my journey last month. My name is Claire I'm 22 from New York . Please to meet you and feel free to contact me in world. Bye. (Persocome)
  2. Hello, Well I'm an artist at heart and you can geek too because I love video games / SIMS! and what not. I spend most of my time sketching and doing some realistic human photograph on my Adobe. Feel free to contact me in world ( Persocome )
  3. Hello Daisy Toki, I'm also a part of LGBT Q. feel free to add me ( Persocome )
  4. I'm currently using a Windows 10 / GTX 770 So far I don't have any problems although when loading the market sometimes it takes 20 second to load up but the rest is fine.
  5. Personally, I suggest you visit this store. : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meijis/212/105/29 The body quality is high end + its compatible with Slink clothes and some clothes mesh company in SL. The quality is high end realistic for the right price.
  6. A quick tip, if you want to buy a higer quality mesh eyes make sure you use an alpha that will invisilbe the premade eyes. Then you can start with a fresh canvas and purchase you're fist pair of mesh eyes. Hope it helps.
  7. I'm also shy and sometimes limited lol. You can say introvert? But I love fashion and lol I losen up once I find the right people to talk to. Feel free to add me in the game and I hope you have a nice fresh start. 
  8. Hello Junie Katara, Feel free to add me as well! have fun in game
  9. Hello Caitie Anne, Welcome to Second Life. I'm also looking for new friend and have someone to share ideas. Feel free to contact me anytime. Have fun in game and goodluck.
  10. Hello Second Life citizen. My name is Claire S. born and raised in the Philippines , moved to US 2 years ago and still extremely home sick :( I decided to join SL because living in a foreign country with only 2% Asian in our community and almost a whole new world in my school really makes me feel so alienated.. and sad. I'm currently 20 and a Senior in High School, Majoring in nursing next year. Please give me a private message if you want to get to know me better. Due to the fact that english is not my native language please bear with me as I'm trying my best to have a conversation with you. Thats all for now. Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction in SL. Have a good day! -Claire S.:heart:
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