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  1. Which sex makes the most mistakes while typing doesnt matter at all. Everyone makes mistakes. I think the real issue is the fact that there are so many people who can't even imagine a romantic relationship, a virtual one at that, that can exist without sex. It's really sad.
  2. I might be if their intentions are good, and if we get along
  3. Hi there, my name is Kitty. It's hard to find someone who is willing to be the parent of an adult character, so I thought I'd come here for some help. Ideally the person would have few or no family of their own already, because its a little tough to get acquanted with everyone when the family is big right at the start! If you're alone, that's fantastic. I'm a friendly and easygoing girl who likes to watch movies, shop, and chat and hang out with family and friends. I'm trying my best to form a nice family with others where we can all get along, RP, go places, have trips, family get togethers and more fun things! We can decorate a homestead or something together, and make it like our dream home. as a mom you would have to be ok with: the idea of living together on the same land with other family members! :)Adopting more than 1. I really want at least 1 sibling!LGBT peopleChild avatars, I will probably adopt in the future. I can't wait to be a happy family! Please message me at HeartSoft if you're interested!
  4. I'd love to make more friends. I'm a friendly goofball looking for artists or anyone with geeky hobbies to talk to, since I get along with those types best. :) RL I draw, watch shows (recently saw Stranger Things), race in the park with my dog, and chat lots with my friends. In SL I'm a bit of a homebody but I love games, and trying new things! I entertain myself with RP, movie watching, and hanging out with others doing things like sleepovers and dancing like no one is watching. I'm looking for friends who are: human (female preferably!) friendly like to chat preferably near my age (between 18-30) drama-free, no trolls animal lovers Send a message to heartsoft if you're interested! 
  5. I signed up years ago because I like online worlds. I'd played and abandoned many before and wanted to give secondlife a shot after seeing an ad for it. When I first played, I was approached by a vampire trying to get people to join his clan. I'm not into vampires but he really helped to get me on my feet, showing me AOs etc. When I first played I was NOT hooked, and gave up quickly. It wasn't until a year or more later that I picked the game back up again after discovering beautiful photography on Flickr. I have been playing steadily ever since. (Maybe 4 years)! The pictures showed me that second life could be beautiful. Quickly after coming back I discovered families as well-- something that really appealed to me. I began my search for the perfect family I'm hooked now because of all the possibilities, freedom to create and have such amazing things like houses, (I even run a store,) and also my family who mean a great deal to me.
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