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  1. Hi, Ljora, I wasn't active on SL for some time but now i'm back and i would like to explore the world a little Feel free to add me if you want.
  2. Hi everyone, I've been on SL for arround 2 years now but i "wasn't successful". I've been active for few days and then i forgot about SL because i haven't found right people. I've decided to give it a try again and so here i am waiting to meet some new people. Hi, i'm Marc and i'm 25 years old in RL. I'd like to meet new people and try to learn as much as i can about Second Life. I'm an IT guy (programming, server administrator) but i also like photography, filming, motorsport (especially Formula 1 and MotoGP), discovering other cultures and a lot of other stuff. I'm very open-minded person and i can talk about pretty much everything. Feel free to message me in SL :)
  3. At what time are you online? Add me. MarcSnowden
  4. Hi, I'm 22 yars old male and i'm looking to meed some new people. Add me if you want to chat and hangout
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