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  1. OMG where did you get that clock? I neeeeed one!
  2. I see poeple standing on plots that might be due for release, do the moles have to set each plot for sale? What do the know that I don't know?
  3. Flip a coin, it always works. If you flip it once and are happy with it, you have your answer, if you flip it once then think...I'll do best of 3...you also have your answer and it's the other one.
  4. Audrey II! I love what you've done with your place! I love houses that say something about who lives there and yours is wonderfully eclectic.
  5. Creators that use numbers for their animations instead of words, I don't want to click through 20 animations to find that one I like but if they're named it at least gives me a clue. And every store uses different numbers for different animations and even within a store, I've just sat on 4 chairs and every #6 was completly different animation...grrrr, it's not that hard to name animations and keep them organised. I can't buy furniture that's numbered, it frustrates me too much and sadly my favourite creators do it, so I visit their stores, look at the pretty things and then spend my Lindens el
  6. Oohh that's a pretty spot Faydra, crossing my fingers for that one.
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