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  1. Hi, sorry for late response, yes I had my emails enabled on both accounts and couldn't get chicklets on either, it must have been Black Friday Sale just lagging the system, my group is only small. Anyway I have sent one notice since and it seemed to work. Thanks very much for trying to help.
  2. Hi, I have a small group of 50 people and when i send a msg, it doesn't open the group in the chats tab, doesn't post for a few moments up in left hand corner of screen. It also doesn't come through to email ( I tested with an alt) I have ' able ot receive group messages selected.. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you
  3. I changed log in spot to this sandbox http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cyclops/154/146/4
  4. And TP-ed home (mainland) , then to another 2 sandboxes
  5. I just logged in to a sandbox http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cyclops/154/146/4
  6. People online has gone from 8k to 10k
  7. Slowly coming right, now my viewer can hold my password, before it was erased from input box each try.
  8. That's a typo, I meant basic no gifting, not no basic accounts. I edited it out about 10 minutes before you posted.
  9. I don't want to start that game, it just gives thieves permission to steal more and then premiums start rising. Basic no gifting and phishing scam warnings on log in seem still the best option, easy to implement, to me. My ultimate is to work out how to best identify and ban phishers and copybotters and actually do it, but they too generate a lot of income for LL. As you keep trying to stress, the machine is the machine. But still, it could work a lot better.
  10. I've thought of a group fund not for insurance but for a lawyer.
  11. The basic no gifting thing would be really good, as it, to my mind, cuts merchant out of the crime loop. The loss should go on the account buying the item, not the seller who bought it to resell legitimately. I know they are often victims of phishing, but a merchant can't be asked to be responsible for them. A regular repeat of a log in notice on main viewers to warning on blindly clicking the phishing links people spray out in groups would be helpful. The threat of a scam will get peoples attention enough to take notice. Already the competition is steep, copy botters p
  12. A few hours or a few days to write/update some code to trace money & items. Three minutes to Type an avs name and press the button, another two minutes to return the items to rightful owner. Deduct the daily stream of time to cut and paste the by rote 'not our problem" answers to cheated merchants. Add the profit that comes from running an attractive business model.
  13. Hi Klytyna, Thanks very much for taking the time to explain. I've seen the phishing spams you are talking about and it makes sense now, but why go after the merchant and not the phishers alt? I think we need to stop both, gift option and people falling for spam.
  14. I just got a letter saying they had removed some money from my alt acc I send my MP payments too. I am very lucky it was under $2kL, I identified the payment in my history and can see it was an avatar gifting to another. Reading above posts, I don't understand what LL gain out of going after us and not the fraudster. And also don't quiet understand who or what LL are actually compensating? And if the fraudsters cashed out, who are LL paying back? Sorry if it is really obvious but it goes over my head, can someone please explain? The transfer items are there
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