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  1. http://careynieuwhof.com/take-back-the-internet-how-good-people-can-beat-the-cynics-and-the-trolls/
  2. Folks, why are you feeding the troll... it clearly states in her title, Professional Cynic She's sending you scenarios and going off topic and coming up with rigmarole, it's not the gacha business model that is being brought up here, it's ANY business model in SL - regardless of "pulls" or whatever. If I paid a licensing fee to use a texture or likeness on a tshirt. That came out of my pocket. If someone bought that with stolen funds LL is not protecting me, the seller, from fraud. The right to refuse service. The right to point out the loophole and asking to tighten it. P
  3. The point is that people who put the items up paid to purchase Lindens in good faith. Regardless of the "value" of the item for sale, we paid LL real money to be converted in "Lindens." - a banking transaction where we are also charged "a fee." So if it's 50 cents to 5 dollars, it's still stolen. The method for reimbursement by LL is 0 to the seller. They took a transaction fee to get a cut of the sale, a transaction fee to get a bank charge to purchase the lindens we used to buy the items in question and if it's cashed out back to real money - another transaction fee. With all
  4. With increased frequency amongst store owners I know on the marketplace, as recently as the past week but extending further, purchases have been made of no copy items and gifted to others. The ORIGINAL purchaser was then found to have committed credit fraud and the funds removed from the Marketplace store owner's account - the no copy item, which was purchased by the marketplace store owner with valid funds, not returned. In the "real world" when we enter an agreement with a credit card company and make a purchase they guard us from credit fraud. If someone gets a hold of our credit info
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