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  1. pour info j ai toujours le problème par intermittence, cela dure moins de 24h en général. cela commence par se bloquer des le début et même le site secondlife n est plus accessible et puis , quand j arrive enfin a me connecter, le jeux commence a se charger et bloque sur "region handshake"....J 'ai contacter free , le tech m' a dit que c 'était au de la de ses compétences et qu'il envoyait un message plus haut.... j ai peu d espoir si seul les joueur de SL font remonter un problème. encore planté ce jour depuis le debut d 'aprem
  2. just if this information can be used by someone else , still have some issue , the same. not always but sometimes during less than 24h . I have connected my ISP but no reponse for now .
  3. 24h apres l installation tout semble rentrer en ordre, esperons que ça dure
  4. thank you for your reply, my knowledge about all this stuff is very poor. ISP means Internet provider ? today all seems to be good and I can connect to the game, The technician who did the connection said I have to wait 24h to have the phone acess , so perphaps my issue was in relation with some final setting by my ISP
  5. Hello all I have a strange issue since today , quite difficult to explain since today my internet provider replace my ADSL connection by optic fiber technologie , so a better one , better flowrate , pass from 5Mb to 90Mb the guy from the internet provider compagny didn 't change anything except he just connected the optic fiber on my old Box, as this is compatible with the both technologie, ADSL and Optic. no problem with internet , TV or others ,except with SL now. At first I can't be connected to the official secondlife internet site and impossible to log in game. After half an hour, I can connect to the second life site and my viewer start to load and finaly fail at the "country handshake" step. this with several viewers. hopefully my old adsl connection was still availaible, so I replace the fiber optic cable with my old phone cable and then , all is righ, no issue all works perfectly !! can you help me? why SL doesn t work with the Optic fiber technologie ? I already tryed to open some port describe in some FAQ about connection.
  6. je viens de repasser sur l ADSL fil telephone et là tout va bien , ca remarche ... mais pas sur le fibre.
  7. je vois que j ai exactement le meme soucis depuis le passage a la fibre ce matin alors que tout allais bien sous ADSL hier, jai essayé d ouvrir les ports , pas tout ceci mais pas mieux comme toi bloqué sur handshake et depuis que j ai relancé la box ; plus rien du tout
  8. bonjour, depuis ce matin je n arrive plus a me connecter a SL . free est passé connecter notre Box revolution a la fibre optique à la place de ADSL et depuis impossible de me connecter. rien n a changer par ailleurs même box même ordinateur, meme depuis la tablette je n arrive pas a me connecter. je pense que cela vient de la box/ fibre mais quoi ? tout marchait bien avant avec cette même box révolution qui n'a pas changé , le technicien qui est passé a seulement connecté la fibre dessus. si quelqu un peut m aider ?
  9. Hi all, I like sex in SL and mainly looking for people doing great roleplay, with emote, comment and not just dialog. I like read chat as if I'm reading a book even if english is not my natal languages . I like also a quite elaborate scenario, and a slow evolution , not sex for sex about few minutes. I like to play in public place but that always difficult to note that other player around participate with the 2 main actor. Like realistic situation and realistic behavior.
  10. thanks a lot ,that's exactly what I 'm looking for but I can't find it for now in the market place
  11. Hello, I'm looking for some undress animation, the best Will be a Hud menu where I could choose what l want to take off, top, pants, bra,... Thank you for jour help if someone could give me a link where I could buy that?
  12. Hello I'm looking for a undress or strip animation Should bé very good if I cant find an Hud menu where I could select what I want to take off , bra, top, pants, .... Do you have a good link to buy that?
  13. In despite of my premium ( few days) member statu, I cant't acces to some adult zone, " age is too young " ?? anywau no Linden$ was credited to my account
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