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  1. Would love to see a boardwalk by a beach, you could always throw a few board walk games up there as well.
  2. Oh than you already know Linden Child Support would be due every week. She/He is pocketing those premium benefits. Bellierisa Court House?
  3. Remember the women who attacked you? She attacked me too! Lol Let's not take it to the forums.
  4. I just noticed this... Now I am laughing hilariously!
  5. Haha if I can steal some interior design tips from you ladies (or anyone really) who happens to be great at it...I'm totally okay with being the pot of honey. Beth already mention bring a casserole. I'll have the wine, furniture, home blueprints ready and a few sleeping bags. We can make the day/night out of it? Haha
  6. Me popular? You've been making the whole forum laugh. 😉 Ah Hello! I'll keep a lookout for both of you.
  7. Jess.... Let's save the carrots for the garden! Only carrots? I like tomatoes!
  8. I'll supply the furniture! You complete the puzzle haha As of recently I just scattered a ton of stuff inside that shouldnt be...inside lol I took a walk earlier today myself. Smokey is a great cozy spot. Thanks for the invitation on your advice. I'll keep it in mind!
  9. You kill me. I swear haha! Decorating wise....lol smirks
  10. This place still isnt decorated! Well in my defense I did take a photo lol in the kitchen. I can use a womans touch. Actually there is someone living next door whose profile photo is very similar to yours. All this time I assumed it was you. I'm disappointed. Would have been nice to have a forum buddy next door! Oh I'm staying forever! You women will have to come in a fiesty pack to kick me out Haha! Do I even have a say in this anymore? Lol New friends are always welcome. We do have the struggles for fighting for the right Belli fit in common!
  11. Good luck to all today! Keep your eyes ready and your fingers fast!
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