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  1. I tried to go to several places and it won't work like it used to. could it be the anti virus stopping it? sl viewer
  2. Has anyone else had people in the game pass away in real life that you knew and liked? I have been to a second life funeral of a person last year that went to jazz sim a lot that I went to. The people showed his real life pic and sat in chairs and said on voice what they liked about him.I went to a memorial of a animal breeder on sl who was also liked by a lot of people. people rode horses around a few laps in to remember her and say what they liked about her. a kittycats and biobreeds breeder recently passed away also in April. two sims have a memorial of her. I know this is a virtual world, but it is sad to see people pass away in real life. all three times I heard from people who knew the person in real life. if any of you lost friends on here did you have a memorial also?
  3. I have seen rare collector kittycats sell at shops and auctions sell for as high as 30k. not every cat gets that much.It is usually several years old and hard to find. I feel like the market for breedables has gone down some. It used to seem like bigger amounts that you could get for the animals. sometimes I see a lot of people at an auction. Other times not enough people come and most panels are futuresells. It just depends. I know friends who breed with a lot of different companies and they don't always do so good. sometimes they sell a lot at the secondary market store. Other times they don't sell an animal for a while. I have seen some horses and wk animals marked high at markets. Maybe they have a big demand for them. It has to be the right customer who doesn 't mind paying the bigger lindens for it. Some companies breedables get sick if you don't feed them enough. they can he healed sometimes with vitamins or food. Other companies if it gets sick it can die if no food is given or a vitamin. Breedables cant take up a lot of prims on a sim depending on what you want and how many animals. some companies have low prim options for it. I have noticed a lot less people on second life lately. Music seems that used to be pretty popular I don't see as many people anymore,. animal buyers who I used to see get on a lot, I don't see on as much anymore. Maybe real life got in the way. Are you sure that you want to get into breedables to try and make big money?
  4. I am asking for a person who hasn't been on second life in a few years. she is wanting a location that doesn't have a limit on how many breedables that she can have with the land that well allow her to sell some if she wants to. I well show her this post with the replies so she can contact you about it. she wants between 300 to 700 prims.
  5. It doesn't crash on firestorm just the official viewer. It is windows 8. i have enough ram 16gb gaming computer nvidia graphics card i7 processor
  6. I would like to enjoy this, but it has so much lag that when I try to walk to the stage my avatar keeps walking and I crash or while walking to gift area after a few minutes the viewer crashes.
  7. I am new to this and don't know where to fly or if it's hard to make the plane fly. Can any pilots give me some advice please?
  8. I know a place that only had one renter and they rented the cheapest house out of all of the others. They had to close the sim. Are you sure that you want to do this? I know other places that rent and they aren't always busy a lot. I think that more people used to be on second life, but not as many now compared to a few years ago.
  9. Check out eternal desires club. They have furry's that hang out at the sim. Maybe you can make some friends there. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eternal%20Desires/213/23/33
  10. Everytime the viewer gets a new update it never goes through most of the time. I hyave to usually uninstall the old version and reinstall. that didn't work today either. It happens at the end can't write etc.
  11. Several links were sent to everyone in three different places today and groups. don't click the link at the sim for free stuff or free clothes in fake marketplace link. just wanted to warn everyone.
  12. I hit retry several times and it finally worked. Earlier it didn't work when I tried to download the update. What could have caused the write error?
  13. It says error opening file for writing program files C://{x86}/SecondLifeViewer/win_crash_Logger.exe
  14. A griefer has been stalking me for months. I noticed that last night when they saw me that when I click on profiles it has a lock asking me to log in. I never click it and changed password. did they do something with my id? I never saw this lock until last night. my friendss don't see it when clicking profiles.
  15. Everything is loading very slow for me also when trying to connect to second life.What's going on?
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