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  1. Chic Aeon wrote: Also while this wasn't part of your question it is very important for folks to know NOT to link sculpts to mesh. The land impact can go through the roof == even so far as to send object to the lost and found (oh my!). A rather eye-opening lesson I learned on my own :manlol:
  2. Oh that's right next to the Watch Shop. I was over there just yesterday looking around, and I now remember the area from doing some motorcycle riding during my first couple of weeks in SL. It was my first taste of the old mainland =) So sad to hear it's closing. I'll have to get over there again and take some selfies for posterity.
  3. That seems to be the generally-accepted standard for all of the Blake Sea area. Space from 500m to 2500m is kept free for flying. Sky builds 2500m and higher and ban lines are absolutely not allowed. (and thank God for that). And if you use a security orb, it's just general common courtesy to set the range to cover your parcel and give a warning time. Whether flying or boating, 30-45 seconds is sufficient to get you out of the area. The Blake Sea area is a great area to fly in. You've got Hollywood Airport, Second Norway, Brook Hill Airfield, and you're not too far from a few very nice mainland airports as well. I've flown just about everyhere in the area, and only once encountered ban lines or a security orb set to instant eject. More often or not, if my flights end prematurely, it's due to a bad sim crossing. I currently reside in the Fruit Islands. The quarters there are much tighter flight-wise, but you still have some places to go, such as Frozen Banana Field, Eden Aistrip, Tortuga Bay, and the SUPER-CHALLENGING Bumrose Airfield with its runway on a steep incline. Never been able to properly land that airfield. Even on full reverse, I still slide down the incline into the water lol But i digress... :matte-motes-big-grin: (edited for typos - as usual)
  4. You're welcome :matte-motes-nerdy: Mesh Body Addicts - Designers Grid Female
  5. Before I actually joined SL, I had read a book called "Second Life: The Official Guide." One chapter that stood out for me was the chapter on inventory management. So I knew that from the very start, my inventory was something I wanted to keep a very tight handle on. I've bought a LOT of stuff in my 18 months on SL. Anything that doesn't get used daily remains inside a very intricate, but logically organized system of nested storage cubes. That system looks something like this: --> Backups Animations Avatar Clothing Furniture Homes Jewelry Random Vechiles Weapons I've disciplined myself to immediately organize a backup of a purchase as soon as I purchase it, and that keeps things organized. That's one reason I detest No-Copy items so much if there isn't a real reason for it to BE No-Copy, as it just throws a wrench into the works. I've gotten good at dealing with it though. For sure, it's a fair amount of work, but it keeps things organized. I know where everything is. I have virtually everything in SL I could possibly want (until Pamela Galli comes out with another house that catches my eye LOL), and my inventory sits below a cool 3500 :matte-motes-big-grin: (edited for typos - there must always be a few of 'em!)
  6. It would be a pain in the wazoo for some certainly, but it might now be nice for merchants to update their MP listings with ACI? Especially for those who don't offer demos.
  7. Yes, I use the Outfits function extensively. I have several descripted parts of my Niramyth Aesthetic body with different alpha settings that correspond to the few different types of clothings that need certain alphas. It takes some time to set up but you only have to do it once - unless you want to change something. EXAMPLE: Aesthetic Alpha Aesthetic Upper Full Aesthetic Upper Partial Aesthetic Upper Tuxedo (full alpha except neckline) Aesthetic Lower Full Aesthetic Lower Shorts Aesthetic Pants (full alpha) Aesthetic Feet Partial (so feet & toes don't stick out of perfectly sized shoes) Aesthetic Feet Full (for flip flops & barefoot, etc) For outfits that require boots, I just don't wear the feet at all. You get the idea... With those few descripted alpha'd parts, I can quickly and easily Changing outfits for me is very quick and painless.
  8. Attach your mesh body's hud. Go to the Layers tab. Click "Clear Layers."
  9. And here's the "better half" of the LaMonico equation, all decked out and sitting around 114000. Jewelry is sunglasses, earrings, necklace, matching bracelets, belly button chain, and wedding ring. Take all of it away except the ring, and she's at 36000 and change. Seems everything is fine and it's the jewelry that causes things to spike up. 
  10. Here's me at 44001. I guess I can pretty much forget about ever wearing my favorite watch again. My only jewelry here are my sunglasses, earrings, and wedding ring. Add the watch and I'm at 89,000. This is probably a good thing in the long run, but a comment I read on the Mesh Body Addicts blog really caught my attention, that being that this will start a trend of stripped-down minimalism. Of course, for picture taking, none of this matters. If you like it, wear it. 
  11. Would this issue also cause the cuvette (raised magnifying area) on my watch to display like this? 
  12. Yeah, good luck with that. Tattoo artists - like most designers/creators in Second Life - design for the masses, because that's where the money is. They're not in business to sell to you, they're in business to sell to as many people as possible. It's not really cost-effective for them to customize one tattoo for one person. The time they spend customizing one tattoo is time they could be spending designing a new tattoo that many will purchase hopefully. And this is true in so many areas, not just tattoos. I don't like it, but I understand it. I'm not saying that there aren't tattoo artists out there who won't customize their work. I'm just saying I've yet to encounter one. And believe me - I've been looking! I have the perfect tattoo for me, but I need only one thing added to it. THREE (3) attempts to contact the designer have yet to yield a response. It would seem I'm resigned to having the same tattoo that Lord only knows how many other people have. So what it boils down to, is that if you want something that's uniquely you, you're best off learning how to do it yourself - which is what I'm going to have to do. Because you'll die if you're holding your breath waiting for any of these designers to get back to you.
  13. This used to not be necessary. What's changed? Or what CAN I change to get things back the way they were before? This just started with a stock install of the v4 viewer.
  14. Thank you very much Xiija. I will give both options a try. =)
  15. Hello all, What I'm wanting to do is create a "motorcycle radio" that can play a music stream - not as parcel media which I know can't be done - but rather as object media instead. That way if I'm riding, I can still hear a live SL performer. Ideally, I'd be able to drop a notecard into the prim and have a few streams to choose from. Does anyone know of a script already made that can do this? Thanks in advance
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