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  1. Somethings not right because some of my avatars are not loading correctly. At least not rendering properly due to apparent missing objects. Its stating things are not in the database. Glad to see its not just me so I guess its a waiting game.
  2. Staff of Second Life tend to put the blame always on the users end no matter what. I have had an older PC which used to run SL just fine on a medium graphics setting with decent specs and connection. I have a new PC nowadays with high end specs and a faster connection and suddenly SL just works terribly after one night I logged out and the next day it was loading slower and making my GPU very hot and loud since to this day and that does not improve no matter what the graphic setting is on and believe me it all used to load quite fast but after their constant updates it just seemed to be degrading in my opinion and overworking GPU's in even the small areas for no reason. I heard Firestorm is alright so I may change to that as at the end of the day, they are not always listening to peoples technical issues and SL Servers are to blame when its affecting every single sim you visit but hey, these are just my opinions on the forum topic. :')
  3. Last few years? Its only the last few months this has occurred and the "Help" always makes out its a problem on the User's end, my cache is only cleared once every 6 months and I have no packet loss at all. It doesn't matter the size of the sim or how many people are in it, they all load just as slow no matter how empty or small it is and the fact others here have just mentioned they are experiencing the same sort of problems, you are going to tell them it's their end problem too? It's just a full on slowdown on Second Life's end, I keep up to date with the SL Viewer and it gradually seems to worsen with each update that is released for it, I literally went to sleep after SL was working fine and woke up the next day with this terrible speed and it hasn't changed since then and what Rachel said up above also happens to me, simple huds on screen that take up hardly any data or textures take a long time to load, let alone the sim objects and avatars. End of the day, I keep my cache for everything long enough, so when I return on SL it should have better loading times to the places I already have been to but thats not the case at all. I'm not usually one for throwing hate but the fact the "Help" here has an excuse for every answer available even though people have explained what has already been done and checked to prove the issue is kind of non professional, that and they always come to an end solution its the users end having problems. Plus my speed should be fine without pocket loss:
  4. How come is it with each new update, the loading times of every sim, texture, model and other objects takes so much more time to load? The quality and speed has gotten far worse over the months and I do have a fast internet connection and powerful PC that is capable of handling all this. Yes, the cache gets cleared, I lower the settings, decrease the draw distance, I change the bandwidth, nothing effects how well it performs and I believe this is a result of a bad server in my opinion as other people have complained about the same thing, it used to load everything within 10-20 seconds so whats up with it taking absolutely ages now?
  5. It's like when you enter, usually all the textures load extremly fast except it's suddenly stopped doing it anywhere near as fast, the same with loading avatars. The walking has also degraded since it used to me smooth and fluent and lags are happening here and there, my specs are well over what is needed so I know it isnt anything to do with me, I also noticed grey avatars that take a long time to load aswell wih the clothes floating around them until things have loaded up. The cache has been cleared. Settings are suitable for my PC. Changing to lower settings doesn't make it any better. It just suddenly happened, it should not need setting changes to fix things that wern't originally a problem.
  6. An now it's going even slower loading everything, please sort it out SL, it's not my end, everythings running fine, client updates are supposed to make things better, not worse.
  7. It seems to have, but slightly zooming out now causes objects and some avatars to un-rez. It feels like with each new Client update, there are things made to make it worse.
  8. So no one? It's becoming even worse to be honest. Like it's designed to.
  9. Recently the pas 3 days or so, I noticed quite a slowdown when it comes to entering a sim, it takes a lot longer to load everything up and messages are taking a bit longer to send, has anyone else been experiencing this since I cleared my cache, re-installed my viewer and my connection is running quite fast, it just seems a little odd there is a sudden slowdown, some of my friends agreed as well, so any thoughts?
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