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  1. I go on sometimes to just look at the clothing and hair, its sort of an addiction for me. I dont think my internet problem is temporary.
  2. I loved reading over all your responses. I really like Curious Kitties and Emotions
  3. Thank you guys for all the information It helps me -Lily
  4. I am not sure about the mesh makeup. I only know about the classic avatar makeup but Im sure there are tutorials out there for mesh heads that will be helpful.
  5. Hi Nalytha I made many alts, about 4 and I was found on each one by him and his friends
  6. Hi, I have been griefed out of sl and do not get good sl connection anymore. I am afraid to go back to sl because my stalker always finds me and he has many friends. Also sl does not work on my computer anymore. I still come on this forum and look at sl marketplace and it makes me feel better to still have my avatar in some way. Has anyone else experienced bad griefing in sl?
  7. Is anyone else on this forum but not inworld in sl? I cannot log into sl because of connection issues so I am just on the forum. I miss sl but I still like looking at Marketplace and being on this forum. Is there anyone else who has experienced a loss of connection with sl and cant log in properly? Is it strange that I still like being on the forum, seeing my avatar and other avatars and looking on marketplace? -Lily
  8. There are some University buildings in Second Life you could check out and see if you can hold your meetings there regularly. There are many beautiful structures in Second Life and some great University buildings.
  9. I tried to make skins it was very difficult. I have used the base game skin before to make my own look. I also liked Curious Kitties skin alot. If you take time I am sure you can learn to make wonderful skins.
  10. Mesh hair is beautiful. They have great colors and shapes of the strands of hair. I still love flexi alot because of how it moves
  11. I think mesh is beautiful but I prefer basic avatar body and skins.
  12. Hi there I am Christian. I hope you are enjoying sl.
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