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  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, i have a nice collar my master bought for me in fact i have both one on my neck and my ***** i have not been able yet to get this to work for me, and my master is not happy about this, being a submissive lady ( am yes a lady not a *****), i have never been asked to make folders where the Dom can change my clothes, A question,,,,,,,, do most masters require this ? i have told my master if he has to have this i will leave and let him find another , he said no he wants me . So, am not happy with my lack of skills in this regard. i
  2. thank you , i had a few of Layla's outfits, and yes he would be very upset if anyone else removed my clothes. So would i
  3. thank you for your reply, i have never had to do this before and it is really stressful, taking away the joy of being his sub to be honest . i keep trying , thats my new pic
  4. Let me see how to find my recent picture , ok this is how I look as of today
  5. Sorry am so long getting back to thank you both , Ariel and Alyona, and Cindy, I have RLV enabled and have an open collar, just have not made any folders, let me read more of what each of you has said, I do thank you all, This is al new to me.
  6. Please help ,,,,,,, is there a way for me to save outfits that my master can change , I am all mesh, body and bento head, He wants me to make outfits he can change himself. Anyone know how I can do this ? having left SL for months my inventory is a mess, first I need to delete thousands of things, but then how to make outfits a Dom can himself change, any help appreciated thank you
  7. To all that have replied,,,,,,,,,,,, first off its not the denomination that makes one a true believer in Christ. It is ones heart. i respect all that believe in the one true God,, love the Lord with all their heart and soul. i also have deep respect for the Jewish faith, and believe they are still the chosen by God. I do not judge, that is up to God. The reason i asked to meet Christian friends, is that we would have more in common, and are not in SL to have sex. Please understand ,,,,, i used this question in search of decent people to explo
  8. thank you Nikolai,,,,,, will do this search. i thank you!
  9. If one wants to spend time,,,,,,,,, there is a voodoo hud that shows all the spoiler places to go and enter,,,,,,,, get verified,,,,,,,, wait, some have questions one must answer to not be removed. At times one can get lucky and end up with a good amount of lindens. Still trying to find out the best way to earn the most. i am not a newbie, Had removed my pictures from my pc so can't add my picture to this forum. Many people go to these so some must make enough to keep going from one to another.
  10. Thank you ,, when in I will send an IM,. need to meet nice Christian friends.. SL can draw us away from our faith. Have a wonderful day!
  11. sorry, did I ask the wrong question in this forum? I am not a newbie except to forums
  12. Madelaine,,,,,, thank you will try the Belief page link,,,, I am serious in my seeking a real Christian friend in SL ,,,,,, thank you
  13. thank you very much will go in and uncheck,
  14. I am not in SL for sex or the wild things, I am a devout Christian lady ,,, seeking to find a nice Christian man. To discuss things, explore, all things that build up our faith. Are there any such people in SL? So far all I have met are those seeking the crude elements. Surely some are in that know God.
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