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  1. Sorry i suffer from anxiety hahaha i always want to make sure!! thank you <3
  2. So i read that you are allowed to have alts, no more than five, no more than two within 24 hours. Does that still apply because someone told me Second life does not allow alts at all. I'm just wondering if i can make one. Sorry if it's stupid, i just want to make sure.
  3. I've tried several sandboxes, no luck
  4. I can no longer open any boxes when i try to drag them to the floor. The icon it gives me is white (it used to be white with a plus sign) and once i place the item and right-click on it the " Open " Section stays gray and i can't click it. I've tried other viewers. Firefox and Singularity but the issue remains. I've cleared my inventory cache and still no luck. I have No idea what to do.
  5. Really sorry if this seems noobie, this is my first object. Any idea how to fix that?
  6. I've been working on a mesh head for a while now and it was hard but now i thought i was finally done i encountered issues when i tried texturing the head. Basically you can see the neck through the head (and the inside of the lips and nose) And when i wear hair the head goes transparent on the parts where there are trands of hair. I'm super confused and don't really know how to fix this. Just hoping i don't have to make the head all over again. Thanks in advance for the help ! I'm using Blender. Firefox viewer
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