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  1. Hello everyone! Thrilled to see the new LL houses! Quick question, do you know if the prims are gonna be more than the usual premium membership LL houses? and the same question for the squared meters. Thank you! Update: Nevermind! I found what I was looking for, if the info is accurate: Land capacity: 703|Parcel size: 2048 m²
  2. Hello everyone, I have noticed that every time I sign in into Speed Light and then come back to my regular SL viewer Firestorm, I found out that the setup is reverted to default. This had already happened to me twice and I wonder if someone else has the same issue. Thanks, Camep
  3. Hello! I migth be interested to apply for this job. I would like to know if you can accept a "Great Dane" instead of a doberman breed. This is the picture: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Greatest-Dane/13277936 Thanks, Camep
  4. Thank you Ariel Vuisse! Indeed I found the store in world and it turns out that they still have the Gacha machine. After playig a little bit I got the RARE one. So thanks again! On the other hand now I have 16 books! If someone is interested in buying these books please let know. I am not wanting to have any profit out of it so I am giving them away by $L50. Let me know if you or any who reads have a store or something and are interested in buying these books. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/6-Lewd-Grimoire-add-Brown/9696343
  5. Dear all, I am looking for an item no longer available in MarketPlace. It is a book which description is: Lewd: Grimoire book RARE This is a link as an example for Normal versions: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/6-Lewd-Grimoire-add-Brown/9696343 Only 1 - 10. However I am looking for the rare ones which you can strap on your leg. If anyone knows about it please let me know Thanks! Kamep (camep)
  6. Hello all, Just to report that I am having the same issue and it started today. Yesterday was perfect but now it seems there is some kind of problem. I hope someone can assist us. Thank you and a Happy New Year!
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