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  1. Hello, if still interested contact me inworld; MilenaTulish.
  2. KassieWhon

    Email Address

    I checked everything but nothing :\ I was wondering if Second Life Support can help if I will write to them?
  3. KassieWhon

    Email Address

    my god. I don't need to change my email address, I need to know this one!
  4. KassieWhon

    Email Address

    I need the address that I signed up with, I forgot it and I can't see it, so I asked how I can see it.
  5. KassieWhon

    Email Address

    I didn't forget the password, I forgot my account's email and it only shows me the first letter.
  6. KassieWhon

    Email Address

    Hello everyone, my account is pretty old and when I signed up I used my old email address which is completely forgotten, but after few years I suddenly need it. When I click "change my email address" in my dashboard, I only have the option to change it, the email itself is not full. Is there any way I see it? maybe Second Life Support? Thanks! :]
  7. try to look in search with words like 'magic','witches' and etc. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  8. hello everyone :) someone knows if i can somehow look for a person in SL if i know only half of her name and her birth date? and if yes, so how? thanks :)
  9. hey you can try 'Mobile Grid Client' or 'LittleSight', they are free
  10. he could forget me, or maybe he has no way to contact me, that is exactly why i'm trying to find him.
  11. It's not that easy... He has RLV on most of the times, so he can't get any IMs sometimes.
  12. Hello, good morning/evening to you :) 2 years ago, (10/04/14) I met a nice guy. He used to be a navi half of the time. I'm trying to find him. Somebody told me that they know him, and that he quitted from the Navi RP, and joined a dark angels RP clan- but I'm not so sure. His name is Jacke2. His Second Life profile showing that the last time he was online was on 22.1.2016. If any of you heard of him in a clan, or talked to him once, or any advice that you can tell me please send it here in the comments. Any comment is helpful!
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