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  1. That sounds like just a landing strip. I could live with that. but not an airport
  2. there is no way i want LL involved in something like an airport marina etc. They have done a magnificent job with the new continent but there are so many broken pieces of SL around. How well is the SLRR maintained? Think we will ever see the continents finished that construction stopped on years ago? The most continually updated areas of SL are run privately. LL is best suited on making something that requires little or no maintenance so they can work on other areas of SL. Let folks that are willing to invest their own time and money do this. There is very little money to be made having a marina, airport etc but folks do it because they like to. It's a hobby for people, not a livelihood. Why pay someone a good wage when someone else is willing to do it as a hobby at a fraction of the cost or even pay to do it?
  3. new continent does not need an airport. thats what private enterprise is for and the new area is not for that.
  4. I did a few things to my windlass. I added a deck, railing, spiral stairs, steps to the deck and a separate bedroom. I some had inspirations from neighbors. There are so many nice builds out there.
  5. I seriously doubt they will be executed with the exception of rez zones. I can see that.... maybe.. even then. If you want to put your boat in there, get a houseboat. If you want to drive on the roads, get a house. I am a sailor and a pilot, I got a houseboat. If i was more interested in riding my bike/car etc, I would have gotten a house.
  6. i truly believe the idea of this continent is NOT to compete with existing lands/rentals. Adding an airport, retail, GTFO etc would do just that. These are and should be at adjoining continents. In fact, this should enhance the rentals and the land in those areas
  7. I notice west of the new continent, LL has put a bunch of mole regions I don't recall being there before. 🤔 I think there were a few, but not near as many as there is now. Makes me wonder if thats because Mole regions are easier to relocate than private regions. One of them seems to be a German welcome island from the beginning of SL. I cannot imagine thats being used for anything now. Possibly more expansion areas coming?? Perhaps the new location of an existing continent ?
  8. sunset view from my houseboat . I'm lovin' it so far!
  9. I made the mistake of getting the Geralt for my male model. don't get me wrong, its a really nice body but there is very little content for it. If I was to have a do-over, would def be Gianni or Jake
  10. I would love it if there were a premium only area. a nice place to sail, to fly etc.. a few premium only parks that are perhaps a bit exclusive and always kept up to date with the latest servers etc to reduce lag. I know there are some premium only areas but i mean LARGE areas. Several regions combined
  11. its certainly not the best area to sail, the waters there are not exactly wide open. Let's hope there is a change to help with that. They could connect to the land North of there and there is plenty of area east. They could even move Gaeta 1 to the east side of it and increase the sailing area.. perhaps finish it off... perhaps I'll win the lottery and get millions of dollars... gonna dream may as well dream big! 🤑
  12. this is pretty close https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aeros-Avatar-Maxwell-demo/5660490 Its says it comes with 6 skins in two variations - smooth and bodyhair, 3 modifiable shapes (wizard, master and olympian), eyes, 3 beard styles and 2 hairbases. The scar may have been a tattoo layer
  13. Thanks I forgot, i just had to change permissions on the group members so they couldn't rez items and it works. thats piece I was missing! lol
  14. Hi folks I am in the process of changing my business name. My land is under my old group name so a couple questions come to mind Is there a way to change the vendors (Caspervend) so it recognizes the new group name for discounts /group gifts etc? Right now, its set to the land group How would I go about changing the land group to my new group if the above isn't possible? I realize this may be a land discussion question but it sorta overlaps Thank you!
  15. I love riding my bike on mainland, it crosses regions so much better than a car. That is actually how i found a spot as well !
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