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  1. Hi folks! It's time for the Blake Sea Raft up again It will be a great time with great raffles for a great cause It fills up fast, come early, if you cant get in, keep trying as people with come and go 9-11: Joy Canadeo Live DJ 11-1 Luke Flywalker: Live DJ 12pm SLCG Rescue demonstration Narrated by Luke Flywalker 1-Close: Benny the boozehound Live DJ LCC Cruise 1pm to the raft up RFL Raffles are: ANY bandit of the winners choosing ANY Mesh shop boat of the winners choosing 1 Endeavour barracuda 1 Endeavour Trident boat Paint of their choosing
  2. posted in wrong forum, sorry folks
  3. They are working diligently on the new homes, they are not committing fraud or trying to steal your money. They are also working on SLB16 and honestly it's really a nice surprise to see the progress they are making with their resources divided. You can always use your 1024 allotment on mainland in the meanwhile. There is some very inexpensive land out there if you don't care about water or road front
  4. actually I have 2 "alts" , One was my boatholder which i originally made to would sit on my boat when i dive etc. I recently made her premium to get me a house boat, so look at that.. she's still a boatholder! 💡!! the other is a male , I have a clothing store and use it to model clothes I make for men. Neither one of them are really "alts". which to me is an "alternate identity" they are more like "tools". (there is a joke there somewhere, I'll just let you find it on your own) 😎
  5. I use my alt to like my forum posts or else i would have only +3 reputation points 👍
  6. Id rather hit a ban line than a security orb with zero warning and be sent back home. I don't like them, but its part of mainland
  7. I have a question about the upcoming new membership level. Will it be announced before the June 24th deadline of renewing the membership? If I renew, (I am annual) will I be able to pay the difference and become this new "super user" if it interests me? How would that be calculated if it is announced after June 24th? on the old rate or the new rate? I apologize if this was answered before. I am having a hard time keeping up with the thread.
  8. goals for the business have to be Reduce Costs Increase revenue grow the user base grow the bottom line Its a fine balance getting there though Reduce cost- going to the cloud should help with that Increase revenue-pricing balance (tricky) grow the user base- add new features and reasons for people to become premium (Bellissaria is a good example) reducing land costs are all part of it grow the bottom line - Hopefully increasing offers and making the platform more stable will help accomplish this For me, I would reduce some of the land areas (continents) , perhaps push them closer together to make them sailable/flyable. eliminate some of the lesser used continents and perhaps later add new ones as demand increased (Sharp/Gaeta 1 come to mind) realizing there are folks that own land there, they would have to come up with suitable options to appease them as much as possible
  9. in the past I have reacted swiftly and emotionally to these types of things. I am taking a moment to take a breath. Not all of the information is out yet and I dont want to react with raw emotion until I have a chance to digest it all. Im not leaving SL, that I can guarantee. I am here to be with people that mean alot to me. I just dont know yet what level I will be. I'll figure that out in time, But SL is so stuck with me!
  10. its a tough decision for LL to make, they have a lot to consider pricing, they have increased costs and they want to pay their people well too to keep them around (they are located on California, not the cheapest place to have an office) keeping the customers happy. a Price increase isn't going to make anyone happy of course, but shutting SL down is going to make a lot more folks unhappy we don't know what their costs are, they have to balance it to make money and make it worth their while, It isn't a charity after all. I don't relish the increased costs for sure, but I do understand it.
  11. I have 2 premium accounts , not going to renew early. I am very interested in this part: Even more improvements to Premium Membership are coming later this year: more new Linden Home themes and options as well as the introduction of an all-new membership level for those who want to get the absolute most out of their Second Life. Look out for updates to Events and more limit increases as well. Perhaps having 1 and paying a bit more may get something worthwhile and wont need 2 Time will tell. If not, I will just go to one premium, i don't need two
  12. My security message isn't "funny" but I made it as friendly as possible "Welcome to the Kini Coast. Because this was once a sandbox I had to install security. You have up to 60 seconds for safe passage to sail or fly through this parcel. If you feel you should be added to the security, please message heathernorton and explain why and I will be happy to consider it. Safe passage and enjoy the beautiful FairChang Isles."
  13. Wouldnt that fall under a violation of the TOS? (ii) Post or transmit unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, or promotional materials, that are in the nature of "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation that Linden Lab considers to be of such nature; I personally cant stand it , i have never filed an abuse report but maybe that would stop it. I get it from events, stores and singers. I NEVER subscribe to a list so I know for a fact I didn't add myself. Sometimes, the "person" that sends it says "if you have received unsolicited advertising , please send me a notecard with 'remove' on it and you will be removed from the list as soon as possible" I have a better idea, how about not angering your customers and making us do extra work to be removed from your spam! Ok, i feel better now.....
  14. LL knows about the house. The creator invited people to see it right here on the forums with SLURL to it. If it is still standing the way it is, I assume they are just fine with it. Nothing was hidden by the creator. If it bothers anyone that bad, do an AR on it and let LL decide but i doubt that's the point. My guess is this thread was simply created to create discussion and not really to toss a creator under the bus. (looking at the initial picture that was posted here).
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