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  1. I would love to see Gaeta finished. I had a store in Gaeta 1 and the region crossings were horrible, The pod tours even mention something about how bad they are before they cross. Not sure if its gotten better since the uplift but even riding a bike along Sandy Beach Trail was near impossible.
  2. that's awesome! how did you do that? If SL really expands, I wonder if they will renew those plans. I hate seeing things unfinished. I just wanna go fix it myself, lol
  3. reduced 10% to 4860L I am willing to parcel it out or adjust the size if that's helpful
  4. reduced to 5400L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaolin/55/215/27 I am open to a reasonable offer. Okay, I admit I would like to get rid of it and maybe get in line for a stilt home, lol
  5. lowered price by 10% now only 5400L , get it before someone else does!
  6. Priced to move. I would like to use the land allowance I have for a Linden home i combined 2 premium accts and set to group so it didnt cost anything extra per month 2128m , 703 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaolin/55/215/27 Only 6,000L It's currently a park setting but used to be a store for me until RL got crazy and I didn't have time to maintain it
  7. I delete folx I that i have not talked to in forever (at least 6 months) unless they are someone I really want to keep on my list. I also delete folx (usually club owners) that I added and then they want to group spam me about events. Anyone that runs invisible from me I will often wait until someone if offline to delete them, saves unneeded drama I could easily go down to about 4 or 5 ppl on my list and never miss a beat
  8. Unfortunately I have not heard. I work on the back end with support and ads etc but haven't heard a word about Raft Up 2020. TBH though, I've been so busy with RL lately I haven't had much time for SL so its possible they moved on without me
  9. Lowered to 4300L today , if it gets too low, Ill just keep it.
  10. dropped to 4400L. I will likely drop this weekly until its gone (within reason). so wait and get a bargain or grab it before someone else does. Or make a reasonable offer. I have a premium membership over over the next year so I am in no rush. I am just so busy in REL that I havent had the time to enjoy the land here. Someone else certainly should.
  11. I will decorate this land for you if you would like a home there, I have some really cute Trompe homes that would look amazing there, just let me know!
  12. i know the continent is very old, i had a store there until recently, but I have never noticed the markers when you click on it in the world map. I am fairly certain I have done that before. it would be exciting to see this finished, even with Linden homes. something about having unfinished continents looks so tacky. Zindra and Sharp (former teen grid) are like that too, though Sharp seems to be largely a ghost town
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