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  1. Greetings! Though I am male. I'm in a RL relationship with the person who joins me on SL so we don't really do anything Non-PG with friends. He's more of Genderfluid, a rather amazing trap if I do say so myself. Feel free to message me anytime or add me as a friend, we're both dorks and enjoy having fun and laughing with friends on Game nights or watching movies.
  2. Sure thing. I'll add you as a friend if you'd like so we chat.
  3. Greetings, My mate and I are looking to make some friends and meet people. We own a large piece of land that could use a few new faces.We have two stages to our land, one fantasy which mostly glows and one modernized. We've invested into come games to play which we would like to eventually utilize such as Cards against humanity along with some movie nights. I work full time, but am on generally once I get home while Skye remains at home to work which you can generally catch him online. I will warn that we have no tolerance for two faced people, abusers of friendship or people who will try and split us apart. It won't happen, you'll just piss us off and be escorted to the block list. Things we enjoy: LoZ, Anime, Games, Roleplaying, Yaoi, Writing, Cosplay, fantasy, Oc's, Cats You don't need to enjoy all of these to be our friends, but just a warning that we do enjoy geeky things. Ign: sirnightshade
  4. Heyo, Not really sure where to post or even begin looking. I'm trying to find someone who can make a Custom Avatar of a character named Elias Ainsworth from Ancient Magus Bride. Willing to pay the commission pricing. Thanks!
  5. You're always welcomed to come and join us on our land to hangout, we're looking to meet new people and make some friends so feel free to drop me a line on SL. Also, Welcome back.
  6. So I decided to go on a hunt to see what kind of people I could find, since I'd like to meet new people on Second life but the world is so big sometimes it's difficult to do, only now realizing the forums would be a good beginning. Better late then never? My sub came up with some fun little ideas to do with friends such as Friday night movies and game nights. Nice he has a TV with everything imaginable on it, and we'll be doing a theatre skybox. Both of us owning our own large pieces of land for people to come and join and hangout. We're easy, open minded people who just want to meet few faces. Yes, we're a D/s couple but we don't shove it down people's throats and if you'd like to know more always feel free to ask. Things about us Gamers, Geeks, Movie goers, Roleplayers, into BDSM, LGBT, MMORPG's, Anime and we often enjoy having a drink on weekends. Feel free to add me as a friend or drop a message here
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