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  1. Btw ...mod keys sounds interesting but if on for linksets no use in my example as the tracks are large and span a whole SIM so not really linkable to any great extent.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas. I'll go through each one but I suspect I have investigated most of these and given then up as requiring a script to add a script. The pieces I'm trying to add to have no scripts. They are rezzed pieces of track - full perm but from a no mod hud. Essentially I want to use scripts instead of manually changing each pieces name and add other scripts to make ready to drop into a rez box, texture it. If the track is 200 pieces that's 600 processes straight off. Of course last stage is to delete all the scripts in all the pieces to clean up.
  3. I build tracks and other buildings, make mesh and dabble in scripting. One of the shortcuts i wondered about was to replace the tedious task of dropping scripts individually in 100 - 200 pieces of track (easily possible via drag and drop inworld). I tried selecting multiple pieces but then they will not allow one script to go into to all the pieces. I had hoped to do it via scripts but so far I have not found a method which works. In all cases I have to have a script in the prim I'm trying to drop the script in for it to work - which kind of defeats the point. Does anyone know of a way (functi
  4. Is anyone aware of scripting commands to assist moving one prim in line with another prim. It can be done semi manually using snap to grid but I wondered if there was a way of scripting it. So far have found nothing. Of course I could interrogate prim 1's position, take prim 2's position and size in to account, then move to butt up against / snap to the first prim, but that seems clunky (maybe just the idea in my head now to do that.) Any ideas welcome.
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