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  1. While at an event or during an important meeting, random chats from groups can get really annoying. In FS, you can disable the chat window while keeping the ability to receive notifications only. Who wants to be forced into seeing or hearing dozens of Muahs, giggles, Huggies and Loan requests all day? I’m stuck using SL’s Viewer for now. FS ate my inventory after the 2nd to the last update. I host twice a week at clubs. Not being able to only have my friends IM’s & Nearby Chat available has become unbearable. Any suggestions besides leaving the group to stop seeing and hearing random conversations?
  2. Never thought about LM's being an issue ever. After the last update, my SL experience has become sludge, put lag hell. Hope this new update helps with all the crashes and lag.
  3. I abandoned my old "free/premium member" Linden Home a few weeks ago. Where do I go for updates of available new 2019 places or is it on the same page where the old places are and when and if avail, they will be listed there too?
  4. I want to start advertising my shop to the public. How do I add this to the Search area in Destinations?
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