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  1. Thank you! I'll try all of the above, at the moment no joy with the inworld group but I'll hang around and pester them some more! Any other tips very welcome
  2. Hi all, Wonder if someone can advise on a Firestorm issue. With Firestorm X64 all the settings restore to default, every time I close the browser and leave a session; when I come to log back in, everything has reverted to factory settings...its driving me mad! Have tried a clean install and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Any ideas as to what maybe causing this? If I use the 32bit version it doesn't happen; only with the 64bit viewer. Thanks in advance!
  3. Good evening everyone; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! I've had a productive festive season; finally took the plunge with Bento Heads so have a new and improved avi to show off Hope you all like and approve! Hannah x
  4. Good morning to everyone! Hope you all have lovely days
  5. Just as a quick update; the powerline adapter seems to have done the trick and I can stay logged in now. Really odd and slightly frustrating but at least I'm now back and can use SL! Thanks for all the help and advice all.
  6. As I've just had a week at the beach, I thought I'd treat my avi to some sun too! At 'Footprints in the Sand': http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entre Mares/109/104/21
  7. Thanks for these links all; good to see that there is still a market for normal clothes and not just club and beach wear!
  8. Definitely this! I'm the same; and like to use SL style (and SL life in general I suppose!) as an opportunity to dress, and act in a different way to what I'm allowed to do in the real world. I like to go skimpy sometimes, and like nice frocks and skirts too. Variety is nice
  9. I thought that the point of SL was to be...well...a second life! Surely it isn't relevant what gender someone is in RL and it should only depend on what they choose to be whilst online? Or maybe I'm innocent and naïve about this! I'm female and chose to have a female avi in SL; but I've friends in SL who have male, female and 'other' avi's; I treat the them as the gender that they are in a particular avi. As long as everyone is happy then surely there is no problem!
  10. Thanks Oz and everyone else for your comments so far; back online now so having another go at trying to fix this. The channel 'busyness' was acceptable (only one other user on there) so I'm assuming that is fine, and I've reduced all settings (graphics and bandwidth) within the viewer and still no change. I'm beginning to think this is simply a problem with the router and something that I'm not going to fix. Have some powerline adapters arriving today so hopefully that will work.
  11. Thanks both; will try and amend the settings. Yup; the same PC as at previous addresses that never had any problems. It is a new router, that is now fibre optic so apparently it should be quicker than previous routers. I'm offline for the next week now, but will try these suggestions on my return. Also thought I'd pick up a Powerline Adapter to see if that makes a difference (as the wired connection seems to be ok). Thanks all; am determined to resolve this! Hannah.
  12. Thanks Alwin; Wired works ok; but it would mean getting ports fitted across the house and I'd like to avoid that if I can find a solution. System specs below: Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello all, I hope that someone can help me as I'm nearly at my wits end with SL. Since I moved home 3 months ago, I haven't been able to join SL on wi-fi; after 2 minutes I'm constantly logged out with the message: I've tried everything; different browsers, a complete wipe of my PC, playing around with the WiFi router settings and absolutely nothing has worked. At a previous address (on an apparently slower wifi), I never had a problem and now I can't so much as login without being checked out. Other online games are not affected; downloads and uploads are fine on other systems/PS4/Netflix etc...its just SL! I ran a speedtest that gave me the following but I'm not tech minded enough to understand the results: Can anyone advise on what I can do to try and make this work? I ran a search on the forum but couldn't find anyone with exactly the same problem. Thanks in advance. Hannah x
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