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  1. I still can't log in, is it happening world wide or?
  2. * pushes a piano out of his attic and then tears his shirt off as it contains dirt and filth * Here ya go Madelaine, it's heavy but some pulley's and idk some heavy duty naval rope should do with the hoisting.
  3. Yes stay away from acer, I went with a dell and an asus laptop just under a grand and both run sl really well now a days so long as you keep your machine cleaned up and have been doing regular update checks and also some viewer fresh installs as well. <3
  4. OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 Quad Core (3.6GHz base clock & 4.0GHz Turbo Boost) GPU: EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked with ACX 2.0 Cooling (can be upgraded to a 4GB GTX 980) RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 (can upgrade to 24GB or 32GB) SSD: 240GB OCZ Trion 100 PSU: Corsair CX600M (modular & 80-plus Bronze efficiency) Case Cooling: 3x Thermaltake Riing Green LED 120mm fans, 1x Thermaltake Riing Green LED 140mm fan just a question, with these base stats being ints on a desktop build, would those stats qualify as yay or nay for sl to run on max and be able to stay logged on even when im sleeping in rl?
  5. well im not banned from the sim, but I am actively pursuing a support ticket atm, but ty everyone for suggesting about filing a support ticket, hope that helps.
  6. hi all, so quick question, tried to enter a skill gaming place, i don't live in a prohibited state, my payment info is well on file and im way over the young age of 19, christ im almost in my 30's, trying to figure out why its not letting me in, i have a free account as well no premium. im a bit confused, i've even made sure the card is used to buy myself some lindens and buy land too in the billing page of my account. any help would be great, thx.
  7. been logged into sl all day, still a freaking cloud! don't understand what it could be, my pc or sl being a pain in my ass, it was fine yesterday all day till after the maintenance happened, now? im a damn cloud, come on sl, FIX WHAT YOU BROKE AND STOP TOUCHING THE DAMN SERVERS!!!!!! :matte-motes-mad: :matte-motes-mad: :matte-motes-mad:
  8. ello There, I'm interested in Blogging for you, here is my Flickr page, just some of my work ive done on my ownt ime, feel free to contact me inworld, thx! Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125880261@N08/
  9. have a gander at city of cumberland, lovely rp city, beautiful town. here's a link to their forum post: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Cumberland-City-28-sims/td-p/3017363
  10. hello i have been wanting to open my own business for awhile, i have a plan in place and also have goals in mind that i would love to reach. I want to sell firefighting vehicles similar but not exactly close to the more popular selling astaro fire trucks. I have plans on how many builders and scripters i'd like to hire as well as graphic designers and would love to further more invite silent investors in to help grow the business. If this sounds interesting, please do IM me inworld and lets chat.
  11. how nice of him to stop by for a visit and some good convo's XD 
  12. hmmm, well lets see 1. with the announcement of SL2 in the works, what can we as residents expect with the new grid as far as an inworld graphical experience? 2. Over the years SL has grown to a whole new level, that being said, do you expect an even bigger turnout numbers wise once SL2 is released to the general public? 3. and last but not least ( this one is for whirly * snickers * ) will SL hold a world record for how many time whirly changes his or her name inworld? cause alot of em are quite hilarious and brighten my day everytime I watch a firestorm meeting on youtube. Thanks and hope to hear my questions be answered
  13. you have to drag and drop from your inventory that boxed avi onto the ground, then right click and open and copy all items to folder, then once that is done, right click and delete that boxed avi you bought. problem solved
  14. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wishbox-Rose-Crown-White-Premium-Flower-Hair-Wreath/4302220 your welcome
  15. yah, no, LL has no connection to them, sorry bud, check ur facts fore you post some stuff like that
  16. all voice servers just went down, mother of god, seriously? *kicks sl straight in the ballsack*
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