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  1. Looking for an expert texture with ample time to take my models and texture them for sale in my store. I primarily make clothing but will also have needs for items. Releases range from 5-10 per month. I'm hoping to increase this once I have a texturer to relieve me of this task. Please send me a message in world if you are interested, with the following information: - Samples of your work (clothing and non) - Which programs you use - How long you have been texturing - Your availability (how many items/week/day/ect) - Preferred payment method (commission or flat rate w/numbers) Thanks so much! - Amoralie Triellis
  2. Looking for a talented scripter who has experience working with LSL and an external database. The database is already created and working, I am looking for someone who can utilize this information in world. This database currently connects to Casperlet and asks the user a series of questions when they rent a shop. Their answers to these questions are stored in the database. Development notes have been written out, if you are interested please email me at amoralie.triellis@gmail.com and I will send you the documents to review, then you can quote out the project! Possibility of ongoing work!
  3. Bitty Bazaar is a mall location for babies, kids, and teens. Learn more about the full sim, 24/7 mall here : http://bittybazaar.com/ Learn more about the job and Apply Here (Adults are welcome to apply!)
  4. This position has been filled - thank you!
  5. Hello! I am looking for a scripter for a somewhat complex HUD. It is a non-mesh related HUD and will need some auxiliary scripts to speak to it. Please contact me in-world if you are interested, or know someone who does great scripting work! Thanks! Delilah (Amoralie Triellis)
  6. I would be interested in building this at the server level. Do you have examples of past platforms that I might use as an example for a developer? Thank you so much for your reply!
  7. That's what I was wondering - wanted to make sure it was/wasn't possible before asking around for a scripter. Thanks for clarifying!
  8. Hello! I create full perm templates, and want to be able to give my templates out for free. However do want to get get a % profit when someone sells it in their own store with their own texture. Ideally, I'd like the item to NOT be full perm with a script inside that lets it be resold & gives me commission. But I'm not sure if this is possible. Any ideas? I am willing to pay for custom scripting if this seems up your alley. However if it is a simple fix I'd love to hear up front Maybe a way... The free version of caspervend takes a % of people's sales. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperVend-FREE-Networked-vending-system-Fast-reliable-networked-delivery-full-transaction-tracking/1394191
  9. Hello! I'm trying to import a piece of clothing for the toddleedoo avatar - a child avatar. Because this is not a normal size skeleton I am having some issues I've applied an appropriate bone structure to this mesh within blender, and it is rigged perfectly fine. I've exported with every cobination of Avastar collada options. But then when I go to import I have issues Pre-applying skin weights:  This is what it looks like when I show skin weights :  I thought that might just be what it looked like in the previewer...but when I tried it on after uploading it looked the same. I imported without skin weights too, but that doesn't do anything on the avatar obviously. Hopefully anyone with experience dealing with non-normal human sized avatars can help! Thanks!
  10. Thank you both for your informative answers! While I've been using a normal map to capture most detail, I noticed in my last dress I really didn't have enough polys for smooth movement in the folds. I think taking your answers into considering I can up the poly detail next time and not go overboard, which is good news!
  11. Hello! I was just wondering how detailed to make my mesh in terms of what should be uploaded to second life. I know that clothing prims don't affect land impact, but I didn't know if there was a 'sweet spot' for how large of a file the piece of clothing (a dress for instance) could or should be - prim or poly wise. Thanks!
  12. Thank you! I believe I'm most of the way there, just need to get a script working. I'm doing some specific research on that and may have questions, but I think I get the jist - which was exactly what this thread was for. I do have one other general question. The object that I want to texture will be copyable. So someone could essentially put one out in every room of their house. I'm assuming the HUD will change every object in the vicinity to the selected texture - maybe I'm wrong here? Is there any way to specify which object to change, or is it generally accepted that this is how it works and buyers expect this functionality? Just imagining if users wanted to set up different colors in different rooms. Thanks again!
  13. Thank you for responding Sassy. So let me see if I understand, Instead of having one image with all of my texture swatches and mapping coordinates, it may be easier to make each swatch an individual image/object and link them together.. interesting. I can see why this would be easier as far as calling textures. Maybe my issue is at the point you said 'mesh image'. I have it created in photoshop. Is it as simple as attaching this to a box in world? I still am uncertain where to start, i.e. formatting an object to appear attached to your screen when attached to your avatar. I *think* at that point when all of the individual images are linked.. I should be able to figure out the scripting involved to make them each call their appropriate texture. It is noted to not script while attached! Thanks agian, I'm getting closer.
  14. I've made a mesh object that has 18 different textures. I've also made the HUD image that i'd like users to change the texture from. I've never scripted, i only know where scripts live within an object. But I do know other scripting languages so I'll be able to learn easily. I'm just looking for a 'from scratch' tutorial or the basic tools I will need to walk my way through this. I understand I need to get the HUD image attached to the screen and connected to the object I want to change, and then for specific coordinates of the HUD image to call each texture from I'm assuming the HUD object's folder. A push in the right direction would be swell - thank you!
  15. I'm making an object that I'd like to have in multiple different patters. But I'd like all of the shadowing to be the same, so when they're switched with an HUD only the color/pattern changes. I know this is done a lot, but how? It seems impossible to me to paint shadowing in an outside photo client instead of within blender seeing the actual curves - but is that how it is normally done? Any tips on how I can paint shadows on a separate layer either in photoshop or blender would be great!
  16. I've gotten all the way through the mesh process and now I'm at rigging. I have Avastar, and have transferred weights (I think) but nothing is working just right, so I think I ought to start from the beginning and learn the tools and how to do this properly. Its a large bell dress so it doesn't need to stick much to the body, but it has ruffled layers that are colliding with each other when I really just want them to stay in place. Oh, and I have that dredded split that happened in the back when she walks rather than just hardly moving and staying in one piece. Any tutorials that might teach me a thing or two would be appreciated.
  17. just wanted to let you all know that it was fixed! the issue was that i was testing within Inworldz since it is free to upload mesh. the turning the alpha mode off was the right thing to do, but it didnt work in inworldz for some reason. so i uploaded it to second life to test and it was perfectly fine
  18. Hey all, I'm having some issues with faces not appearing when I import. I have tried to flip normals in every single way, here is an explanation:    then when i click alpha blending, none, within the editor it works. but when i click out of editor it goes back to photo #2  any idea what im doing wrong? thanks!
  19. Hello all, I have a detailed mesh that I want to be all black, problem is when I make it all black it loses all detail, as in like just looks like a black blob all together - no shadows or anything I'm thinking perhaps I need to add some glossiness to it, or something that will still let the detail come through. Any suggestions? Would ideally want it to still be matte but have the light play off of it. If you have one, guidance on how to do it would be great!
  20. Okay, I've created a rectangle in second life, and I just want to texture the front side. I would like to go into photoshop and create the texture, but I don't know the proportions/size of the object. I want to create a photoshop document using pixels or inches as the measurements. How do i create a texture that is the same size of this in world rectangle? Thanks!
  21. I *think* that working with avastar rather than avatar workbench is going to solve some of my problems, from what I've been reading. Not sure how just yet, but its worth a shot!
  22. Hello! I'm interested in creating maternity clothes, generally ones that will be long dresses with long sleeves - so they will cover the entire body aside from the head, hands, and potentially feet. I want to create at least 3 different sizes of the belly to use as the baby grows. Is fitted mesh necessary for something like this? How would it even work, considering it is a pregnant belly and wouldn't be fitted to the character's belly slider. I guess I'm confused because the mesh would still need to scale for something like height, arm length, ect - but everything else would remain static and would take the shape of the mesh. I'm definitely new at this. I know I will need to create the mesh over the avastar character, but as far as rigging it and getting it to look right and or scale when i import - thats where I could use some guidance. Thanks for your help! - Deli
  23. So, I've been on the newbie creator train for a little while now. I've learned a whole lot about blender, texturing, rigging, ect. But something is still wrong. I have a few questions. 1) when i first import to SL, no matter what I do no texture is appearing. I'm pretty sure I've checked off all of the right boxes in the export windows, and I can't find a comprehensive guide on how to import to SL 2) also, the skirt is not rigged at all, it just stays still even though when i pull the bones around in blender it reacts appropriately 3) another thing is sizing. I import the skirt and its way too small for my avatar, so i spend a while making it the right size within SL - is that a normal process? What measures can you take to ensure that when you import, it is going to be almost the perfect size, give or take. should i be worrying about S-M-L sizes, or just be creating one? I keep running into little hiccups that are driving me crazy! Its so hard to find resources for these little things online, so i'm trying to record them all on my blog so that myself and others can reference them in the future. Really wish I had a mentor during this process, any help would be much appreciated!! - Deli
  24. Thanks for the responses! So what I'm hearing is that.. as a beginner it may be wise to get my bearings with standard sizes. Once I have a good handle on meshing, then I should be looking into the recipe for fitted mesh. I think thats where I feel inclined to start.
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