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  1. I just tested this and added someone to my ban list and it worked I can no longer see myself from my alt as for going to another place not really an option for me my LL home ios all I have right now and I was lucky to get that.
  2. I can now confirm this bug works I added someone to my ban list and can no longer see me from my alt seems like something LL needs to fix
  3. I tested this with an alt and could still see into my house and see me just fine so this is just not true if they are on your parcel they can see you I suspect it might have to do with how you have your settings maybe draw distance or something similar mine are turned way up.
  4. I know you said we could not pick our own but I am quite happy with the one I have I have not really seen any other plot I would want more the only thing I would change with mine is get rid of the LL shrubs and replace it with a nice brick wall that would not count towards my LI they shrubs already don't count as they were put there by a mole but would rather have a brick wall so I suppose if I could change it would be one with a wall and on a hill like mine is
  5. I am one who uses my own security orb I would not have an issue with the LL one if they allowed me to set people to manage it like turning it on and off when needed but they do not so I use my own and the covenant is quite clear that we can use our own orbs as long as they are set to the LL specifications as mine is and I can set my wife as a manager of it should she need to do anything like adding a friend to the whitelist or banning someone that needs to be banned and here is a direct quote from the covenant and until that is changed is law. = Security == *Linden Homes do not hav
  6. I use the security orb from NeurolaB Inc it has many features and only warns in chat for the intruder no pop up been using it for years with no issues at all it is 3 LI the one I use is this KRAY-5 AIO PRO MANAGEMENT+SECURITY SYSTEM (Multi Owners+HUD) [NeurolaB Inc.] it's more expensive but has more features they also have a cheaper one for home security ORB PRO V.5 Land/Home Security Multi Owners (Copy) [Neurolab Inc.] I've been real happy with their products.
  7. The walls for the closet and bathroom are addons from Blush Bravin the closet inserts are glam closets from Gia Bazar they have both male and female versions as you can see my wife has more closet space they I do lol
  8. For the most part the inside of the Dragon family house is done I am still looking for a tree and some other landscaping for the outside. Front Entry Dining Room Kitchen Living room Living room view 2 Back Patio Bedroom Bathroom Front porch
  9. Hedge textures would be nice too I have hedges put out by LL on 3 sides of my house and wanted to have some in the back I know they include hedges in the pack but at 4 prims each I could not justify the 20 prims it would take to cover the back of my house.
  10. Thanks for your reply I hope they can add them soon I know they have been super busy I just wasn't sure if they were aware this was something we would like to have.
  11. Nope I only got my house a 2 days ago and it is not in there I just got a new pack and still no floor or ceiling textures
  12. I bought an addon for my Winchester house I think the original intent was for it to be a kitchen well I made it into a living room with a nice couch and fireplace even modified it and added a ceiling since what it came with was more like a barn than a house but there is no ceiling or floor texture in the content pack so I can not match it to my house is there anyway of getting those textures short of taking a pic of them as doing that would never look as good as the original texture. Also noticed there is no roof texture either but the both addons I have did a pretty good job of matching that.
  13. I just now saw one come up I was too slow to get it sadly but no big deal not sure i want a used house anyway lol
  14. Here is the problem with LL updating us on when the new homes will be out what if they come in here and say the new batch is almost ready and should be out next week then they run into a problem and can't get them out when they said. Now they have a bunch of people mad because they were expecting a new home and have to wait even longer, Things happen I'm sure even LL does not know exactly when they will be out. It may not look like it but it's a lot of work what they're doing we just have to be patient they will let us know when they are ready for us to make the mad dash and grab a new home I
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