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  1. A rough patch for me is less than a few thousand linden in my account for longer than a week. I am not a wanna be sugar baby honey~ I AM a sugar baby, I just had to cut my former sugar daddy loose. Exposure is exposure sweetness. Advertising, things like that, I am going to start my own phone sex line in the future ironically enough, been at this for years, it’s not about fantasy or reality, it’s about helping certain people and working hard enough to get that $L up to where it does in fact make a dent, last year alone I made enough to cash out a healthy amount. Don’t go insulting things you don’t understand, a lot of chicks in both escorting groups and these forums talk only about themselves. Sometimes guys don’t even want sex, they just want someone to talk to, if spending a few moments chatting with them can make their lives a bit better then that is just how it is. I charge a lot for voice regardless, if saving isn’t something you or any of the chicks you have seen know how to do, that is also just how it is.
  2. Cute. But please try to make a meaningful comment that pertains to the topic at hand, quote or not.
  3. Hi there~ The name is Miyavi Corella, I’m a high class exotic entertainer, unfortunately things have hit a rough patch. I’m looking for a sugar daddy, someone I can spoil. Make you feel like the king of the world and more~ you may have seen me around SL, I frequent many freelance places, I want a sugar daddy, or mommy, I don’t discriminate, who has time to spend with me. I guarantee you will never leave my company unhappy, I aim to please. Send me a message sometime~
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