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  1. What'up ya what happen for everybody's why dont everyone take things seriously i mean as " relationships " im talking about both gender i want just answer to make me understand enough n make me accepted i like build seroius relation n real communicated n real feeling with my other side n im still looking for my soul mate and seek
  2. hiya there miss KiLL4ViX3N my name is Hanzoo16 nice to meet ya id love to know flower like ya n meet her n talking with each other i hope you read this for make you sure how much im interest on ya "smiles" hopefully im not heavy or silly on you ...............peace out✔️
  3. Hi there 😁...im looking for lady 24 to 34 want married in rl ...im 34 from africa if you interest please send MSG
  4. what this ......................hey girls no one interest and want this stupid relationship ..............with me then why this title be here change it and write another title like life and relation*****
  5. im looking for single girl .......................ty:)
  6. smiles ? ....Hiya there gorgeous!:) how are you going? i know this is really really random but i saw you in this sim so there you are .....? ?im looking for nice serious Girl from 24 to 36 not trans ok for long term relationship im open for RLnSL ? ? if you interest so... hit me with IMs im serious about that i want build family really family not fake one with fake relationship im super excited
  7. iam the real hanzo and im looking for seious not fake and not to insulted me if you interested ok go a head let know each other if not please go away please with out saying the [Moderator Edit: profanity removed]
  8. im hanzo 34 n soon b 35 yrs from Africa im average man im looking for serious girl in 24 to 36 yrs who would like build a strong relationship with honest n respect n serious n the truth if you interest please IMs me in Private this my profile secondlife:///app/agent/ce20b57d-013a-4c42-8c65-17332d64c6b9/about or search about this "hanzoo16" im so so excited and interesting who is this lotus to get know her ...............TY:) peace
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