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  1. I agree, which is why if I spend more than 10 min in an adult club I make sure I tip.
  2. Have you tried contacting Xcite!'s online customer support, or reaching out to their inworld contacts (AlexiSnow or Nyteshade Vesperia)? Surely they have a work around for your situation. (Yes, you got me researching it because it sounds like a great idea).
  3. Lol, not really. I am aware she is coming from a club owner's view, in which case they want as many girls dancing attracting and keeping as many guys as possible. Dancers call it a night if things are slow for them. My experience is they aren't offended, there is just no reason to hang around. Should everyone get a tip? I tip the ones that interact with me one-on-one. I don't tip dancing pixels, sorry not sorry. Isn't that why guys go to gentlemen's clubs, to get milked dry...............yeah I went there, I couldn't help myself.
  4. Thanks for the response Dokitten! This is exactly what I am looking for, real feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to give a well thought out explanation. Hopefully others will find your post and learn from it! I admit I am guilty of tipping just one lady (Since we have met before, you might already know that). I guess my mindset is since she is the one I am talking with (IM conversation) she deserves the $L. She is the one having an active conversation with me. However, the fact that you listed it as a pet peeve has me rethinking my ways. (Yes, I am actually trying to learn and improve). I have tried asking privately, but it is hard to get the brutally honest feedback I am looking for. I don't blame them, you don't want to risk offending a potential tipper. TIp at the end of a performance? I guess I just don't trust the human race, especially horny men (coming from a man, that says something). I like making a lady feel appreciated throughout my time there, it makes for better interaction and dancers (just like waitresses) have a good memory when it comes to who is a good tipper and who is cheap. Thanks again for the response!
  5. I haven't really explored sl (also on for 9 years) so if we are on at the same time I would enjoy exploring with you. Feel free to message me directly on here if you want.
  6. She did mention that she has to use voice to text which might explain some of the textual errors
  7. Thanks for responding! It always amazes me the things people do in sl that they probably wouldn't do it to (some of them would). So many jerks out there.
  8. Wow, nothing? I guess I choose the wrong topic to ask about.
  9. I would like the input of the dancers and escorts that work in the clubs. What are some good tipping guidelines that guys should follow when they are in a club? For example: If they sit in a chair, are they expected to tip? How often should they tip? What factors might affect it? Is there a guideline for how much the tips should be? What are some tipping pet peeves that really upset you? Just some ideas to get the conversation started. I am honestly looking for your feedback as it seems guys (including myself) can be clueless. About me - I always tip when in a chair and I try to keep the tips at a steady rate. I use the tip jar suggestions as a guideline, if the suggested tips are very high I won't even sit down as I know they are out of my price range. I use my conversation with the dancer to determine the tips, the more they talk the more I tip. If the conversation isn't happening, I move on to free up the chair for someone that just wants to look. Let me know if I am totally off with my thought process.
  10. SL is my secret escape. No one in my RL knows (which limits how often I can go inworld).
  11. ROFLOL! I am good with just female. I have no allusions about the person on the other end. I doubt 1% of avatars look like the person in RL. Besides, why be on SL if you can't be who you want to be/look like.
  12. You can be a male, female, furry, vampire, etc, etc. Isn't the point of SL that you can do and be things you can't in RL? (or at least one of the biggest selling points). The only time it matters to me is during cybersex, I still want to know it is an actual female on the other keyboard.
  13. I think men struggle more with rp, I know I do. (Or they are just too lazy)
  14. I think everyone has been ghosted to some degree (or ghosted someone).
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