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  1. Hello! How can I deactivate face animation? I would like to make a HUD, I only found the option "Rebake animation" to do it. Any other way?
  2. Hello! I'm just started being more friendly with Blender now; I would like to know how to make bento pose for couples? Is it possible to add two avastar in blender to make a perfect pose? Please help!
  3. Hello! I would like to ask if it is possible to check by some way which applier I`m using in my avatar? Because I change a lot, also appliers for makeups lipsticks etc we change a lot. It would be great to find the appliers information the head/body is wearing without keep open the HUD windows for EACH appliers to know. I appreciate all helps. Thank you! Rumi
  4. Well, I wanted to ask about the SYSTEMS which is more recommended. I saw many on MP already. But, I`m not sure which one could be better option. If anyone have installed it already would be great to know how stuff works. In future I`m thinking to do more than just poses, that`s why I want open inworld store and I already got some bloggers. Thank you all for the replies.
  5. Hello! I started to use Blender for Bento Poses. Anyone here have experience? Here are some questions: How should I save the pose in Blender? I wanted to sell only Hands animation without posing is it possible? Where can I find the script for HUD to change specific animation (hands, face) by clicking on it at Main screen? I never sold things like that in SL but I want start! Any help would be appreciated, Thank you all for the kindness. Rumi
  6. Hello! Well, I would like to start a store in-world! (From now, just poses & shapes) I don't know yet from where to start. I see most of the stores having some special options in their stores like: The HUD when you click on vendor which appear a windows with options of PAY, GIFT, CREDITS... etc / REDERIVERY option / SUBSCRIBER / GROUP INVITER / LM GIVER / GIFT CARD (optional) If you already have an in-world shop, you can tell me how much I will spend to get all of those options and more things I still don't know? I'm thinking also to add script in the pose stand so,
  7. Hello! I have a question, I'm still learning how to make a better photo edition. Anyone have experience in removing green background and making "professional" vendors pics in photoshop? Is it better to take 2 pictures? One in white background and other in green background? I appreciate any help. Thank you!
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