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  1. Hello! How can I deactivate face animation? I would like to make a HUD, I only found the option "Rebake animation" to do it. Any other way?
  2. Hello! I'm just started being more friendly with Blender now; I would like to know how to make bento pose for couples? Is it possible to add two avastar in blender to make a perfect pose? Please help!
  3. Hello! I would like to ask if it is possible to check by some way which applier I`m using in my avatar? Because I change a lot, also appliers for makeups lipsticks etc we change a lot. It would be great to find the appliers information the head/body is wearing without keep open the HUD windows for EACH appliers to know. I appreciate all helps. Thank you! Rumi
  4. Well, I wanted to ask about the SYSTEMS which is more recommended. I saw many on MP already. But, I`m not sure which one could be better option. If anyone have installed it already would be great to know how stuff works. In future I`m thinking to do more than just poses, that`s why I want open inworld store and I already got some bloggers. Thank you all for the replies.
  5. Hello! I started to use Blender for Bento Poses. Anyone here have experience? Here are some questions: How should I save the pose in Blender? I wanted to sell only Hands animation without posing is it possible? Where can I find the script for HUD to change specific animation (hands, face) by clicking on it at Main screen? I never sold things like that in SL but I want start! Any help would be appreciated, Thank you all for the kindness. Rumi
  6. Hello! Well, I would like to start a store in-world! (From now, just poses & shapes) I don't know yet from where to start. I see most of the stores having some special options in their stores like: The HUD when you click on vendor which appear a windows with options of PAY, GIFT, CREDITS... etc / REDERIVERY option / SUBSCRIBER / GROUP INVITER / LM GIVER / GIFT CARD (optional) If you already have an in-world shop, you can tell me how much I will spend to get all of those options and more things I still don't know? I'm thinking also to add script in the pose stand so, by pose the client can buy it. (Price and Animation name appears above) Any tip or help is very welcome! Thank you all for the attention. Hugs!
  7. Hello! I have a question, I'm still learning how to make a better photo edition. Anyone have experience in removing green background and making "professional" vendors pics in photoshop? Is it better to take 2 pictures? One in white background and other in green background? I appreciate any help. Thank you!
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