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  1. try to untick "automatically change environment..." in preferences/firestorm/windlight tab
  2. what should give you at least those 30 FPS even at busiest places crowded with many high polygon mesh avatars and heavy builds around is untick advanced lightning, tick avatar impostors, set impostors slider to max 20-30 and lower the draw distance, you can also make a profile for your SL viewer in nvidia control centre/manage 3d settings and try various settings there, btw for some reason my card doesnt run in its boosted clock stage when playing SL, this can be fixed by using EVGA precision app and clicking on KBOOST in top right corner (just dont forget to turn it off when youre done playing or your card will be running full speed and loud while it should idle)
  3. aithne thats something different i think, without a mesh-enabled viewer her relog wouldnt make them see her mesh properly no matter how many times she relogs, what pandora described is a common sl bug with mesh (not only bodies) when you can see your mesh but others cant, only way to fix it is a relog, it happens mostly after a tp and you can tell it occurred by detaching the said item but not being able to add it back because the right click menu still offers detach option even though the item is not highlighted as worn anymore (with tmp bodies you can also tell by having the styling hud opened at all times the icon of the said body part disappears from the hud bottom row)
  4. privet im from slovakia and would love to learn the russian lang too, is there a learning group with slovak or czech people i could join? i can understand some russian as many words are quite similar to my lang, but the azbuka and its rules seem a big trouble p.s. derek, drake, please refrain from the by the CNN brainwashed comments on the situation of ukraine as you have obviously no idea what you are talking about and probably couldnt even find that country on the world map, thank you
  5. will there possibly be an update to make them smaller? i have them at 40, which is like the smallest possible size before getting too deformed, but theyre still a huge porn star looking type even though my avie is like 2m tall and not skinny at all :matte-motes-confused:
  6. i will, thx though i would expect a notification window yes/no before the game freaks me out like this
  7. ah ok thx , i remember clicking a link in someones profile but no webpage came up, so that must be it
  8. hello, im sry if its in a wrong section, yesterday i was visiting moscow and after a while i noticed that my avatar was turned into a black rabbit, i didnt agree with any request to animate me neither did i accept any inventory offers or anything, just standing there for like 15 mins listening to ppl talkin russian (love the language:) in the inventory nothing was "worn", my huds dissapiered etc., teleporting out and reloging didnt fix my avatar, replacing the saved outfits in the apperances did the trick after all so im wondering if i should report it as hacking or is it a bug (havent played for years and never heard about anything like it) and if i should change the password, scan for viruses etc. trying to attach the picture, hope it works out http://i.imgur.com/RC3Oh9O.jpg
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