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  1. Ok excellent! Let me know when you can get online in SL. I sent you a message there so we can get acquainted. -VitaliyK
  2. Hey Tebastian (Drake1 Nightfire), I really appreciate your response, and I'm sorry for replying a bit late! Would you like to meet up in Second Life and get acquainted? My friend's name is VictorLeBron and his Display name is Виктор. I'm not sure about how to link up his profile exactly, but we can agree to meet up at a certain time and a certain place. What is your time zone? We're on the US Eastern Time Zone. A great time is anything after 9pm, but we can meet up anytime in the evening that would work for you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, VitalilyK
  3. Hey, I'm trying to help out my friend who's new on here. He's trying to find some Russian speakers or English-speakers who are learning Russian and want to practice :). If you know of any great places other than just Moscow, any suggestions are helpful! I'm kind of new too :). Thanks for any help! -Vitaliy
  4. Здрствуйте! Я стараюсь помочь моему другу практиковать его русский язык. Он уже знает много слов, но не так хорошо общается по-русски. Он большенство понимает речи других, но ещё плохо говорит. Вы знаете хорошего места где люди учат или практикуют Русский? Может быть есть кто-то кто хотел бы пообщаться? Его зовут Виктор, и ему около 60 лет, но он энергичный и очень интересный человек. Если вы имеите какие-либо предложения, то за ранее спасибо! Я могу послать вам его информацию если кто-то интересуется :) -Виталий :matte-motes-big-grin:
  5. Hello, I'm looking for Russian LEARNERS, not political critiques. Please let me know if you know anyone, otherwise, I don't want to waste time on politics. Thanks
  6. You have the most irrelevant input. I'm wondering if anyone is learning Russian and would like to practice together, not discuss politics.
  7. Hey fellow Second Lifers! I'm wondering if you or anyone you know is learning Russian and would like to get together and practice what we're learning! I'm particularly asking on behalf of my friend who is at an intermediate level and really wants to dive in and progress with his conversational skills. Right now, he's at an intermediate level with understanding and would love to travel around and maybe even join a school or some people who would love to practice speaking Russian together. He can currently speak Spanish, English, French, and German. I'm new here, but I know there is so m
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