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  1. 14 hours ago, CharlieMack said:

    I use the Lara body with ease, much better than the system mesh. However, I tried and purchased a Catwa head and found it not to my liking in the longer run. The cheeks and chin were just too edgy and pronounced. I placed it back in my inventory and am going with the system head, which I have adjusted over time via sliders, to my liking.

    I am open to suggestions to any way to "adjust" the facial features of a Catwa head. Until an upgrade comes along with that possible feature, I'm happy with my avi now.

    My problem with most mesh heads is what I would call "duck bill lips." Fortunately this is visible only from the side, but even still... LeLutka does have a head where the lips aren't as bad as many. I have and use a Catwa head, but I'm keeping my eyes out for something better.

  2. 19 hours ago, Maybie Nightfire said:

    TFB was my first choice.  However finding clothes that fit was a problem. 

    This is my Maitreya body but still with the Tonic boobs slider.  I have brought them down to a B cup since but I am not able to get a new screen shot yet.  I would say I will later but no one ever does ... so Maybie I will ;)  Anyway,  at 5' 6" prim height I would say I am petite and I could go thinner yet.


    It is my belief that the reason there aren't as many "Tonic specific" fitmesh clothing is because it works so WELL with "standard fitmesh" sizes. Fortunately, Meli Imako is among the many FP makers who are releasing Tonic items (both Fine and Curvy) that are being picked up by creators. 

    I agree that even a slider setting of 0 on the butt leaves it too large, but what can you do? I've bugged Fizz about making a mesh body with a smaller behind, and maybe she'll eventually release one. :)


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  3. I am a member of SLCS (Second Life Cheerleading Squad) and we're currently using manually typed cheers and pressing Control and Enter to ensure everyone within 100m can see it. Is there any way a gesture can do the same thing?


    Ah... I hadn't even tried using something like "/1" in a gesture. I'll check it out. Thanks! 


  4. Oh, I do tell my friends, but there are several limitations. The biggest is in the fact that those who are viewing the item on the MP are looking for something I bought. These people realize they have an unmet need - a need that I'd bet few of my few friends have at that moment.

    The second is that people visiting MP are currently attempting to fill that need. They have taken the time away from SL and are in a buying frame of mind. Telling my friends happens only when I'm logged in, and relies on them remembering my recommendation if this need ever arises for them. 

    Third, even the best product isn't perfect. In many cases I try to give a fair mention of what I believe are its flaws, deficiencies, or areas where I feel there's room for improvement. This is where merchants get feedback. Sure, I can, and have, send them NCs in-world, but why not kill two birds with one stone?

    Fourth, seeing a merchant's response to a review has value in itself. It gives an indication that there is an active concern for customer support, and what kind to expect. There have been times when this has made the difference in what I've chosen to buy.

    I don't take reviews from others at face value, and I don't expect others to treat mine any differently, but any voice (even from someone I've never and will never meet) is better than none at all. Word of mouth is important for a merchant to consider, but it has far more value in killing than nurturing a product. People are far more likely to remember bad mouthing than praise.

    TLDR; I speak with less than 100 people per week. Few are interested in buying what I just did, and wouldn't remember me if/when they are. Compare this to the thousands per week who are actively interested in buying something similar and are visiting the MP.


  5. Is it possible to write a review of a purchase made in-world at the MP listing and I've just overlooked how it's done? I just bought an item in-world because of the merchant's loyalty program - I'm at the 25% off level due to the amount of business I've done (which was a savings of $475L!). 

    Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with the products or I wouldn't have reached this level. But I'd REALLY like to voice my pleasure. When I TRIED to review it, I got the "You must purchase the product before you can review it." Well...  I did.


  6. Somewhere along the line I came across a freebie (no copy) streaming radio that actually worked. I don't remember where or when that was, though. The other day I went to rezz it, and I got a notice that was on-screen for a very brief time (all I saw was something about not being the owner), and it went "poof.."

    I know radios don't work if you're not the owner of the parcel, but this was done while I was in my own Linden home. I, of course, have rez rights there (I rezz there all the time, and had just rezzed something else a few moments before). So,  I thought maybe there was a server issue or something. It's happened before and it will probably happen again.

    The thing is... when it does happen, the items have so far eventually shown up in Lost & Found. Often by just relogging, sometimes after a day or two. This has been about 4 days and it's still not there. So I'm wondering if it was a DMCA issue. Would anyboby be able to confirm this? I wish I could remember the item's exact name, but I don't.


    Update: Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I was asking if anyone here could tell me if there exists anyone who can confirm it and if so who?

  7. I use this group for many reasons, not the least of which is to find out when the last time a friend has logged in. I noticed that one of my friends is not listed, so I was going to send her a message asking why she left the group (maybe she ran out of slots). I was about to drop the NC into the slot on her profile when I noticed my group name listed in her profile. 

    My question is: Why would her profile show her as a member of the group but she doesn't show up to me - the group founder - on the member roster? I have ensured that I have all group priviledges.




    Thank you for confiirming I'm not the only one experiencing this. However, it's been like this for well over a week since I noticed it, and possibly much longer before I did. I know I have logged in several times, and I have evidence that she did too.



    Update: I just joined a group that's listed in her profile and she's not showing up as a member there either (lots of other people are). Is there a way to keep from being listed in the roster? I know there's a way to keep it from showing in the profile, but I don't know of a way that a member can select not to be shown if others members are shown.

  8. Several days ago, I created a group specifically to keep in touch with my favorite friends. When I manually open the group chat and try to post, I get "You are the only participant in this IM session. Your message is not being retransmitted or stored." This happens even if other group members are online (none of whom use "funky" characters in their display name). If I close my group chat window and someone else tries to post, they get the same error I do. However, if I leave my window open when someone else posts, I do get their message - but the group chat window does not open for the rest of the members.

    Is there a setting I've missed somewhere?



    So how do the REST of the groups I belong to open a window automatically when someone posts to it? For example, Builder's Brewery is constantly being opened automatically no matter how many times I close it per session. I don't even bother trying to close SL Frees & Offers for this very reason.

  9. First, I am the group's owner and I have followed the instructions in this post from Jan 8, 2013.

    Accepted Solution how do i change a group members role?

    I have created a role and assigned someone to it. When I go to the "Members & Roles" tab, "Roles" sub-tab, it reports the number of people assigned to that role has changed from 0 to 1. So far, so good.

    I have created a Title for this Role. This Title does appear in the upper part of the "Members & Roles" tab. Again, everything seems fine.

    Now here's the "glitch." That person does not show up in the membership roster with that title, nor does the title appear as the group tag with the name. The person still shows up with the "Everyone" title in roster and as group tag.

    I probably missed something in the setup, but not sure what that could be,




    Thank you ChinRey - The post I referenced above says that all members must have the "Everyone" role selected (and it re-selects it if unchecked). It's been several hours and i asked him to log in and try. No menu to select title came up - how is this menu accessed?


    Found it:


    Each group role within a group can have its own unique title. If your belong to more than one role in the same group, you can switch your active title within the group:

    1. Select Edit > Groups from the menus at the top of the Second Life window.
    2. Click the name of your active group.
    3. Click the Info button.
    4. Near the bottom right of the Group Information window is a dropdown box called My Active Title. Click the box to select your active title from your available titles in that group.
    5. Click OK to close the Group Information Window.

    Its a little different, at least in Firestorm: The option is in the lower left of the Group Profile window, labeled "Current title:"




  10. Ariel Vuissent wrote:

    Fitmesh. It is the only attachment that moves with physics properly.....

    I'm trying to be family friendly... but what I'm talking about is usually covered by a bra, and using the existing products cause them to float when I wiggle.

    I'm willling to buy whatever works - understanding that it will most likely require abandoning what I have. Can you suppy a link to MP for the item you're talking about?

  11. I have Googled looking for a way to search the inventory according to permission, and the closest I have found is how to search by LACK of permission. That is, it's a simple matter to find those items that do NOT allow me to copy them, but I haven't been able to find a way to locate all (and only) those items which I AM allowed to copy.

    Is there a way that I've overlooked?


    Rolig Loon: Ugh.... I've not been into SL for a year yet, and I've got almost 40k items in inventory. If I'm going to go item by item, I think I'd rather create a folder named Copiable, and copy each one there - rather than rename it (which takes more effort). I had hoped there was a filter somewhere (like when I search for an NC), or a way to specify where to search for a match (like when I search by creator).

    Well.... at least I know I haven't missed what I would consider to be a very helpful option.


    Rolig Loon: Arggg.... you're not the first one to tell me this, but I'm a packrat. The moment I delete something I just KNOW I'll want it. :) But, I'm going to have to do something, I suppose. I've been meaning to package up the things I don't use all the time into a prim. Or see about totally deleting the folders in Library (I rarely go there).



    Alwin Alcott: I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

    What I was actuallly looking for (today) were transferable items. I felt that using Copy as the example, though, was more likely to be something that others had done... and therefore more likely to get a response. I'll remember your tip when I am looking for Copy items.


  12. I have a question and I will attempt to phrase it in a "family friendly" way.

    I have an avatar enhancement that floats in in place when physics are used. From what I understand, this is a common problem wiith female avatars. Has a solution been found? If so, where can I find them?


  13. I have a question and I will attempt to phrase it in a "family friendly" way.

    I have an avatar enhancement that floats in in place when physics are used. From what I understand, this is a common problem wiith female avatars. Has a solution been found? If so, where can I find them?


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