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  1. Thanks for the tip about Permalink - I was expecting that to mean something entirely different.


    Here is my current situation, and what I am considering:


    1) I currently have and use the Linden Premium gift home located wherever/however it normally comes.

    2) I am considering buying a 2048 sqm parcel.


    Q: Ignoring any "tier effect" for the moment, would the fee waiver lower my obligation down to 1536 sqm? (I presume the tier effect would raise it back up to 2048)

    Q: If so, if a 2560 sqm parcel was available (I don't even know if that's possible) and I bought it, would I be charged for 2048 sqm?

    Q: Is there an additional "property tax" type of fee if I "improve" the land?


    I'm definitely going to do my best to make it to those classes! I don't suppose anyone has the LM handy to post?


  2. I realize now that I neglected to mention in my previous question (a few hours ago) that I paid for a year's worth of Premium membership - so I won't (or at least SHOULDN'T) be billed for anything (since I don't yet own land) for at least another 10 months (assuming the bill arrives a month before membership expires). Should i use the date that I bought the Premium membership and presume the billing cycle begins each month on that date (the 9th for me)?

    Thank you for the tip about the class on land ownership - I'll try to be there.

    I apologize for starting a new thread, but I saw no way to reply in the same thread.


    If I understand you correctly...

    The very first time I buy land, whatever that date of the month it is will set the "billing cycle" in stone. I'll get the whole month's use from it - regardless of the date my premium membership would have been due, right?

    (thanx for the info about Edit)


    Actually... as a Premium member I do have land - was that counted as buying land?

  3. I am a Premium account holder and am considering buying land. I have looked at the tier fee page and have seen that the fee is based on the maximum amount of land held in a billing cycle. Obviously, I don't want to buy the land just one second before the current billing cycle expires, so how can I find out when that is?


    Specifically, I joined SL on Sept 1, 2014. I became a Premium member on Sept 9th. I am looking at purchasing 2048 sq. m. which, if I understand properly, will cost me $15 USD/mo. If my assumption is correct, if I buy it tomorrow, I will be charged $15 on or about Oct 9. I'd prefer to own the land for the entire cycle (and not just a few days), so I need to know exactly when that is.

  4. As many people know, it's not possible to put a texture on the walls of the complimentary home that Premium users get. So, i was using a prim 0.01 thick as "panelling' over the original wall - so I could apply texture to it. Unfortunately, as i was adjusting it to pull it out of the wall, I lost focus on it! Now I can't figure out how to select it and pull it out from inside the wall. I tried CTRL-ALT-T, but it didn't seem to show up. The prim count suggests it exists (I keep track as I build - 117 total doesn't leave much room to waste).

  5. I posted a question yesterday about how to upload a WAV file less than 10 seconds long that uses 16 bit PCM sampled at 44.1k in order to use it in a gesture using the standard SL viewer. I am grateful for the answer, which was:


    Build >>> Upload >>> Sound  and pay the L$10 


    I realize now I neglected to mention that I am only 11 days old in SL, and I'm learning even the most basic things, such as: Where do I find "Build"?

    Thank you for the heads up that I have to pay to upload.

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