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  1. I view option (2) as being the far more desirable one - this would guarantee that no special measures would be needed by the HUD or its owner. As for "IP purists", names are not the important "intellectual property", the movements are. And, as I mentioned, watching a dance being performed SHOULD be considered as demoing the animation; who could possibly object to that??
  2. TBH, I am not 100% certain what the viewer (currently) can know. It may take some redesigning to make this information available. It seems to me that any information available to a HUD COULD be made available to the viewer. Yes, we have multiple dance HUD makers in use. Each person has his/her preference. My preference is Barre Dance HUD - which will no longer be receiving updates, ever. Despite this fact, it is the ONLY HUD that operates the way I want. I have bought and tried all the others, nothing else comes close. It's not necessary for HUD B to know what HUD A is doing. Nor is it necessary to manage who is dancing. In our multi-driver situation, we communicate when we change who is controlling the dancing. It is seriously too much effort and too time consuming for each person to manually type out the name of the animation currently in use. Even in a single HUD situation, just being able to know the name of the animation in use could be thought of as "demoing" the animation; if I like it, I at least know what to buy!
  3. The blue dialog box merely tells you who is inviting you. If you are already invited to two other dance HUDs, you have no way to know who is controlling you at that moment. There is also no way to know the name of the animation being used.
  4. Yes, it is possible to have multiple HUDs controlling me at any given moment, but we take turns controlling the crowd to prevent this from happening.
  5. It already CAN be put into a dance hud - all it has to do is use a llSay(channel, text)... and then each person wears something that listens to that channel. The problem is that each HUD would almost certainly use its own channel. This adds needlessly to the number of attachments (each invitation would require its own listener) It would also require that each maker adds this option. The only way to guarantee universal adoption is to have it handled by the viewer.
  6. Ok.... on an unrelated note.... I accidentally put my cursor into the quoted text, but no matter what I did I couldn't exit it. I tried TAB and ESC.
  7. 1) Animation Explorer does not include HUDs that I have been invited to, 2) It does not name the animation being used.
  8. SMH... I have no idea how to quote - I thought putting a check next to "Quote" would do it, but obviously not. I was replying to Quartz Mole/
  9. Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. What I was hoping for was that these could be added to the avatar properties, which could make them easily discernible. These could then be added to the viewer as options to be displayed as desired.
  10. I'm not sure where to post this. I looked at the JIRA site, but I didn't see any place to post suggestions. There are times when I, intentionally, am on more than one dance HUD. I would like a way to tell whose HUD is controlling me at that moment. Similarly, I would like to know the name of the animation being used.
  11. Merchants who don't tie their email into offline SL IMs are not interested in providing customer support.
  12. The only part of the package that appeals to me are the added groups. These are not worth $150/yr to me. Sure, the stipend is nice but also not worth $150. Comparing the price to 2 premium accounts vs premium plus means nothing unless you can apply the 2 premium accounts to a single avatar (as far as I know, you cannot).
  13. Sign up and not pay at that time? I may be strange.... but I'd rather pay first, knowing that all I have to do is wait for a last name I like and then pick it.
  14. That's actually ILLEGAL here for most products (gas and cigarettes being excluded from this). The thinking is that the consumer has no way to know how much of what is being paid is for the product and how much is tax.
  15. I have talked to those who joined back in the days when last names were part of the process of creating an account. I am told that only a very limited number of names were available at any one time, and over time these names were changed. For example, one week may offer only Smith, Doe, Brown, Green, and White. The next week might offer only Purple, Orange, Molasses, Lamp, and Cheese. Under these circumstances, if you did not want one of these last names, you had to abort the sign-up process and try again another day (week, month, or however the names were changed).
  16. I wonder which will happen first.... the return of last names, or the release of the Maitreya update.
  17. I mean, how do they do such things as set the security and their own stream for it if it is not its own parcel?
  18. Then how is it done with renters? I see stack after stack of skyboxes when I fly my helicopter. Do they make each skybox a parcel? If so, can't I make a 255 x 255 x 499 skybox?
  19. I have a homestead sim and want to parcel it by altitude. I want the entire sim to consist of eight parcels @ 256 x 256 x 500. The "yellow box" method described here ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Joining_and_subdividing_land ) does not seem to allow this. Is there another method of selecting the area to parcel off?
  20. Oh, THERE it is. I was looking in the place where such things as allow fly and change media are enabled/disabled.
  21. Something must have changed when it comes to enabling the Export List option in the group info Members & Roles -> Members tab. ( I am able to do this with several groups, so my viewer is not the issue). The only answer I have ever seen is that I must be assigned to a role that has "Reveal Members" checked. Well, this cannot possibly be true because #1 This ability is not checked for any of the groups I am able to Export List because, #2 There IS NO "Reveal members" option under group roles!!! There may have been at one time, but not any more. So, what's the secret??
  22. That is what I meant when I said Maitreya doesn't do skinny. It can be made skinny, but it is difficult to be skinny and well formed. I was amazed at how well your skinny Maitreya looked, but it's difficult to add "meat" to it and still appear thin. As you say, Fine Beauty is designed to be thin. I've tried the various demos of heads from several makers. While they're all "good," if I'm going to sink $5k into a head, it needs to be perfect.
  23. I toyed with Catwa's bento heads, but it seems that adjusting the protrusion of the lips to the point where I'm satisfied with them causes the teeth to poke through.
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