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  1. Okay, this might not be it and probably isn't , but. Try if(index==llGetListLength...) at the minute you could be going one over the last entry in the list which will return nothing on anything called from the list. That might be why it's rotating weirdly
  2. Besides LSL I also program in Python, Java and PHP. I wasn't talking specifically about LSL though I should have been clearer about that so apologies. I wouldn't say I have a specific "use" in mind at the moment I am just wanting to learn more about it. I know that sounds a bit vague but there are several things I would like to cover. Such as, encryption methods beyond XOR, encrypting data, decrypting data, signing data as you stated, how encryptions algorithms are created (math behind it), how encryption keys are generated (math behind it), the best methods to use, how is it that someone can take an encrypted piece of information and manage to figure out how to decrypt it, what is it they are specifically doing that allows them to identify the type of encryption used to then begin writing code to decrypt it. It's been something that I have been thinking about learning more about for a while, mainly to add to my knowledge and skill in this field. I have obviously found some information on the above because as I stated the internet is a wealth of information and google is your best friend, a lot of what is returned is more "surface" stuff if you get me. What I am a bit lost on is where to start when it comes to going beyond the "use this function" example pages. As this is an LSL forum lets use an LSL example : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/AES_LSL_Implementation Its clearly obvious that whoever wrote this has a deep understanding of encryption and figured out how to implement AES encryption in LSL aka they constructed the whole entire encryption algorithm from scratch. Its one thing to just use that as an encryption method and another to be able to construct it from nothing. There are obviously methods and math behind it all and thats what I want to dive into and start learning about. When you look at what they are doing in that AES example there is a lot going on in there that I honestly have no idea where to even begin in figuring out what is making that particular encryption method tick. I do appreciate what I'm asking may sound a bit vague in parts. I tried to word the above as best as I could to describe what I wanted as I am more than aware of just how big the field of crypto actually is and saying "I want to learn encryption" is a bit vague in terms of whats actually on offer.
  3. Idk about that. Government and policy wise that's maybe what they want you to think. In terms of actuality and what actually goes on here and your general living experience it varies and spends a good portion of its time hanging out on the centre left to far left side of life. Our government portrays one thing but in reality had no idea which side of the line they fall on.
  4. Just because you don't feel like it's justified it doesn't mean that's the case. When it comes to viewers it's all about personal preference. My preferences are Firestorm or as of late The Cool Viewer. I don't hate the official viewer per say as it's a very stable viewer but it's not one I'm the most fond of particularly because... 1. I find it very limiting in terms of features offered compared to third party alternatives and options right in front of you beat messing around with the XML files for the average user. 2. I can't stand how IM, Group and Local chat is handled with all the pop in and pop out windows. Much prefer how Firestorm and TCV handle it. 3. It's not THE most intuitive viewer even if it is simplified compared to others. You may think it is but let's compare Firestorm vs Official chat. Want a local chat bar in Firestorm? It's already there waiting. Want one in the Official viewer?. Open chat, pop out local chat, click button to minimise tip part of local chat, move local chat box down to bottom left, close down main chat window, chat box vanishes (-_-), hit enter to bring chat box back and finally it stays put. THAT is not intuitive. 4. Chat (see 3), Inventory, whatever else. To do something seems to involve more work than is needed. Overall the viewer feels like a chore. now, for me those are justified reasons to not use it. For you, you might feel different. It's personal preference and nothing more.
  5. Hey all!, so I have been wanting to learn more about encryption for some time now but one issue I have come against is where exactly to start. There is a wealth of information available online but no clear indication of where the best starting point would be and which resources I should use that are reliable and won't try to explain it in a way that assumes I'm already a pro at it (as these tutorials tend to do). I have done some basic encryption using XOR but I want to start learning the math behind it, how encryptions are formed, how to construct your own, basic encrypting, advanced encrypting. Can anyone share any tips, resources, info, good place to start that will help me in achieving this?. I feel a little lost in a sea of information
  6. I will never understand a persons desire to hate that, which does not in reality, actually effect them in any way. I know people fear what they don't understand but why people can just think "ya know it may not be my thing but it's their life to live how they see fit" instead of going "DERP HATE DERP". I always try to live by the notion that IMO acceptance is easier than hate. I feel that If I hate someone for being different then I may miss out on an amazing opportunity to get to know a neat interesting individual who's experience In life differs from my own. People are morons 😂
  7. Again your coming at me like thats what I stated. I never stated that. Just simply gave a reason that I knew of as to why people didn't give out mod objects. Nothing more nothing less. Calm down
  8. I never said it was or wasn't, how about reading what I wrote and have written at least twice and soon to be a third time. Which is : "just giving one reason as to why some people don't do it". Thats it, nothing more, nothing less, I'm not stating that mod or mod is or is not the ultimate super be all protection against cb viewers. It isn't, I know this, I'm aware. I'm not trying to start a thing, offend anyones sensibilities, there is no fire in the room. I repeat, no fire in the room. Calm. Breathe. Relax
  9. Im aware of everything your saying including the mesh bit. I wasn't trying to make a thing out of it, just giving one reason as to why some people don't do it.
  10. I don't really have an opinion either way on what other developers do in terms of permissions. If a developer chooses to give out their items modify then woo but if they don't then they don't. Its not really something I worry about. I was just giving one reason as to why some avoid it.
  11. Whilst you can export any object regardless of the permissions duplicating an object into someones else name requires you to have a full perm item or at least modify so objects can be created from it to create your copy, if you get me. You don't NEED modify to duplicate something but you do if you want it in someone else name
  12. I can give you a reason why some don't... 1. Download questionable viewer 2. Take persons full perm item 3. Import freshly botted item through that persons full perm item 4. Copied item now appears to be created by the person who's full perm item it was imported through as opposed to the person doing the copying
  13. Neat thanks!. I will have a play around with this shortly when I get in world. I need to find myself some tutorial videos or something regarding math in a 3D space. I have some stuff down but there are gaps, such as this problem I was facing. I need to brush up on this properly
  14. Interesting response also. I will have a play around between your suggestions and Rolligs :). Thanks!
  15. Perfect Rollig exactly what I was after. Thank you I appreciate it
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